Not much to say...hope you like it!!

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Not much to say...hope you like it!!

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i come onto threadless to see t-shirt designs i can't find in malls because they are too full of meaningless mishmashes of text/splatter/livetraced objects exactly like this.
the composition (apart from that thing in the armpit) and colour choices are pretty okay but stylistically and conceptually it's just so boring to me.


I concur with ginette. Just because you can throw a bunch of concepts into a blender doesn't mean you should.


cool, but i could buy this in pac sun.


I don't see a lot of this kind of design around, so that's kinda why I submitted it. But if it's available at places like Pac Sun maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. Or maybe it's because I live in Wisconsin.


You can pretty much find similar designs to what you see on threadless via places like urbanoutfitters and i have even seen similar designs at walmart, even fvr21 when they change their trends season to season. Theres nothing wrong with that but if you think threadless is some special place hiding tees that no one has ever done before you need to get out more.

That said, i don't care for the colors or random placement of objects. if there were more of a concept within it then it would be great.


Dude i think its tight, threadless isnt just a site we go to to look for only crazy/ out there/ cartoonish t-shirts. its where we go for cool new shirts and this is a very cool shirt in my opinion. I really like how the plane comes out of the wording. 5


what's four two seven on the left armpit?


nice. it visualizes the emotions of feeling jetlagged pretty well :)


four two seven is the flight number i was on coming back from san francisco.


Its too busy


same shit different smell. and i mean that in the least offensive way possible


oh good, because for a moment there i thought you were calling my design shit


i like this kind of tee.




another shirt that looks like its from target


Everyone that says this design looks like everything else can suck it. You all need to find something better to do than to so harshly critique people's work. They submit stuff to threadless because they're passionate about design and it's something they enjoy doing. You want planned out concepts with retarded phrases? Go to hottopic. I used to work at forever 21, and they definately dont have anything like this there, and I can't guarantee they don't at walmart or target either. I love it, I would buy it, and I dont need my shirts to "mean" something.


i think the shirt looks very professional, sure maybe that means that i would expect to see it at a mall but that doesn't need to be a bad thing
ps. wisconsin rules!!!!


I like this a lot.
I agree with the person who said this looks like it should be at pacsun.
but thats not a bad thing.
Its a really cool shirt.
it doesn't look like a target shirt at all.

It looks very professional
I like it alot.

I give you a 5 :D




beautiful concept.
yes. you may be able to find this design in stores, but this is a site for an artist to get there ideas out there. and this concept is well composed in many different aspects.
Greg, this is a beautiful design. I would buy it if i saw this in pac sun, target, hot topic, or urban outfitters.
(By the way...Artists designed those shirts you buy in those stores and to say it looks similar could be a good thing because that means millions of people would buy this shirt if it were on a bust form in window of a store.)
Great Job. I can't wait to see your next design.


Aside from the armpit thing- I love it!!! I'd buy it. And, if it were something you could buy at pac sun... it would be in the store, but its not, its on threadless for a reason. Like cscherer27 said, people submit to threadless because they are passionate about design. I think it is far from boring and can't wait to see the next design.


I really like this. Please don't be disrespectful to the designer. I'm sure they put a lot of work into this. If you don't like it, that's fine, but don't step on someone's passion. I hate judgmental, mean-spirited people.

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