Standing Still

Simulated process printing.

On grey or white.

Hope you enjoy it:)

Watch this

i like the effect the weapon has at the top of the sheet


Amazing Effect and drawing. 5


Wow thats pretty awesome

Malcolm Man

It's a good illustration. I'm not too fond of how the design translates to a shirt.

IT reminds me of one of those shirts they sell at museums.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

I love the illustration of the character but I'm not to fond about the paper effect and shadow.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Your illustrating diversity is quite incredible duder. I agree it looks a bit museum-shirtish, but i actually really enjoy the curled-up paper and stony back piece. Also I like how it seems like the knight on the paper is trying to poke through the piece with his staff.

Stan Gable

I dig it
but I do have concerns of how the design would translate to a shirt

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

woah! nice illo! $5


i like the paper effect! but im not too sure it will have the same on a real tee? but still 5$

snaggle tooth


snaggle tooth

^that was supposed to be a 5... anyways this is a print fo sho!


this is so impressive. i wouldn't wear it though. you should make the image smaller and place it somewhere creative, so that people would want to wear it more.
but it's beautiful.


its a cool illustration but why would i wear it? is there a joke? is there some way i can relate to it?? u should put some clouds and lightning bolts and maybe a tree or birds or guns shooting out birds . and rainbows and grenades. thats what the kids like.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

lol @ dunna415

Great trompe l'oeil effect. You've got a neat brain.


Nice illo!
I would love to see this on the maroon shirt, that may be just me though.


Amazing not too fond of it on a shirt


wow! really great attention to detail!


i had mixed feelings at first but looking at it again a few times ive decided i really like it lol

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