THREADSPOTTING (05/02): Dos De Mayo!

Here a spot, there a spot, everywhere a Threadspot. It's FRIDAY! That means we highlight 3 of the sweet spottings emailed to! The spotters have hopefully included their Threadless usernames so I can award them with Street Team Points. Fingers crossed!

Over at Threadbanger, they posted a video showing how to make a picnic-blanket-backpack with your old Threadless shirts! Pretty sweet. I wouldn't recommend using non-Threadless shirts with this. Won't look as cool.

How did I miss this?! I gotta say, I love Top Chef, and not only because this season was filmed in Chicago. Here's the spastic but capable Andrew sporting Mourning Girl in a quick shot from the show. Caroline, how did you see this?

Ursula & Speedy Joe love their Tim and Eric Awesome Show, so i had to include this one from the Tim & Eric blog! Bryce spotted Communist Party! You know what I say to that? Great job!

And lastly, check out the Owners Manual for Pomona College! It's Pandamonium over there! Thanks Jesse for the email.


And now as the hour of 5 approaches so must I leave my trusty computer. Off into the real world. Living large. Spotting Threadless shirts.

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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

"Here's the spastic but capable Andrew "... ha, totally, that guys so whacky but he's really good heart. Whereas, I loathe Spike, a real right cunt he is.

I see why I could have easily missed that, eagle eyes Caroline.


Bob Nanna are you alright?

We haven't heard your lyrical melodies declaring next weeks winning entries in quite some time.


HA! That's me in the Communist Party tee! And I stumbled across this when Googling the words "tim eric picnic". How serendipitous!

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