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a shirt which is talking for you ... seen from the front it asks WTF ? while seen from the back shouts OMG !

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jujus delivery

a shirt which is talking for you ... seen from the front it asks WTF ? while seen from the back shouts OMG !

hannah rae

i don't like the brown other two are awesome though.


I think I like the blue-green-pink combo the best. Those are, after all, my favorite colors!


the question mark is cute, love the expressions on both!


I love these. Any more punctuation you're working on?

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This is great! I'd like both images on the front of the tee like you have them at the bottom two images, i think it would make a stronger visual even though i love back/front tees. I agree, keep making interesting punctuation people scenarios.


cutie cute/...


This is cool, but as I said in the critique stage, the ! isn't exclaiming, he is chilling. You need to make the ! more dynamic/excited. They would also work better together as a pair in the front of the shirt, or even better for me as stand alone characters on separate t's. (middle placement too, I don't get the bottom l/r placement on shirts,) but that's just me.


The question marks expression is flawless $5 just for that.


love, love, love so much


I love it as it is. Not big fan of the sand color, but that's because I just don't like that color.


Simple and cute!


I agree with a few people above, I think I'd like this better with both guys on front like is shown in the bottom color choice pictures.


haha, i like the expressions.

future dwight

Cute but I don't like the color combinations


I'd like them together rather than one on back and one on front. The placement of the last two color suggestions is humorous because the ! looks smug about the ?'s confusion.


this is the best shirt, it is so cool and I love how print is on the front and back!


This is so fab! I really like the middle color combination.

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