How Do You Resize An Image?

I have been trying to resize my design to the thumbnail size required, but to no avail... I can't get the exact pixel size when I save it. Sorry, not really a whiz. Help anyone??? Thanks!

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yes I have photoshop .. and a magic wand... how do I resize it then? thanks, guys!


do image from photoshop menue, then go image size, type in correct size in pixel and that should do the trick

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If you're sizing down the whole image to thumb nail size you might not like the results, too small to see?

You can open a new file in photoshop 100 x 70 pixels, open your art file, drag the art into the new file and then go to edit, scroll down to transform, click scale, and then reduce the art in the 100 x 70 window. You can crop in on an interesting part of the art instead of showing the whole thing. A lot of times subers use a related picture different than the T-shirt art to attract interest. Good luck.

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Just looked at your critique posting, looks like you figured it out with out me, congrats.

You should put a placement on a t-shirt somewhere so scorers can see how it looks. Look at the subs to see how many different ways this is done. I've attached idansimpson's and Gigguli's Flickr T-model sites so you've got some choices other than the lame threadless models.



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