a star so bright

Watch this

it's kind of busy if yknow what i mean


you wanna see cluttered, there's way worse around here. and all the components work together really well. the style immediately grabbed me; it is one-of-a-kind in these parts, and very organic and warm. ~WANT~

de artiste

nice nice nice........


i like the style and concept, but agree about a tad much clutter. bit less in the sky, please.

Irish Dancer 06

i agree with the "busy" comment, but i really like the musical aspects of it! super cool!


a little bottom heavy near the stomach area, but i like the
general idea, design and off-white color with the black

your toe

I like the texture, almost like this was drawn with chalk on a blackboard. I agree that it feels too busy.

zenbolic vision

original details is better too it was just like this to fit the preview

quister profile pic Alumni

Very nice design and rendering. I love the spontaneity of the piece. Great style, texture and composition. I don't think it's too busy, all the elements work to keep the eye revolving around the celebrators. There's an upbeat rhythm to it, and it looks great on the shirt. $5

As a heads up, you can't print across the shoulder seams unless it's a belt print. Get a free account at Flickr.com so you can post a high res and then link it to your sub. Also, never start your sub comments with a criticism of your work. You invite negative comments when there might not be a problem. If you really think there's a problem fix it before you sub it. Cheers!

zenbolic vision

quister ...thanks load on ur sweet comment really appreciated and ur tips too yes i got ur point at this last, part will it wont be on the shoulder just big print yes to cover all,, i never done any bekt prints yet but maybe soon :)
yes flicker is cool way to have ur work in high res. and show too pll i think ill have my account soon and do than thanks and good luck with ur work too :) hope see more soon!


it's be cool if this glowed in the dark.

zenbolic vision

not many pll like glow in dark effect plus mostly like to see a design in night and light too, :),,


i like this, i would have totally bought it, too bad it didn't get approved..damn =/ you should resubmit it with some changes so more people like it. for example make it less clutered. hope it gets approved in the future if you resub =)

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