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I'm a big fan of classic literature, as well as cheezy grindhouse and trashy pulp covers, so I thought I'd mix the two into a design for a shirt! Thanks to all the voters once again for pushing for this to get printed! And, thanks to threadless for rocking once again on the printing!

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roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Congrats poly. Nice print!


amazing print, already on the way:) awesome combination of true classics and true classic comic books...wow


Oh, this is such a wonderful design.... (if only it wasn't yellow. I can't wear yellow - makes me look purple!)


Can't wait to wear this for my students. It's already on the way. Now I have two of your designs. Keep up the great work.

Malcolm Man

Yeah, I'm gonna buy this one.


this may seem like a stupid question but....

could you write out a list of all of the authors that appear here? Caption style?

I know almost all of them, but there are a few that i can't place and its really bugging me... I don't want to wear this shirt and have someone ask me either... that'd be... uh... awkward....


I want to buy one but my mom says i have too many shirts as it is


love it! Do another grindhouse pulp!


Absolutely fantastic! Had to get it as soon as I saw it and can't wait till it arrives at my door :)

Also, I agree with those above who've suggested a list of authors, to help clarify the ones I can't place yet.

polynothing profile pic Alumni

Okay... Due to popular demand, a list of the authors depicted.
To be fair, there are a bit more than twenty:

In the foreground:
-Jack Jerouac
(from left to right:)
-James Joyce
-Charles Dickens
-Edgar Allen Poe
-Robert L. Stevenson
-George Eliot (tiny head on Jane Austen's left shoulder)
-Jane Austen
-Leo Tolstoy
-Kurt Vonnegut
-Ernest Hemingway
-Mark Twain
-Henry James
-Jules Verne
-Fredrick Douglas
-Joseph Conrad
-William Shakespeare
-John Steinbeck
-Lewis Carroll (or sub in: Oscar Wilde since they look insanely alike)
-Henry David Thoreau
-Charlotte Bronte
-William Faulkner

Have fun finding them :)

herky profile pic Alumni

congratulations, excellent caricatures and design.

Neon Man

Maybe the best t-shirt I have seen on Threadless. Seriously prepare a bestee award acceptance speech.


Thanks for the key, poly! I should have mine today or tomorrow!


nooooooo! It sold out in my size already!!!!



and Charlotte Bronte's in there? Yes!


donella and i thought that the woman being attacked was george eliot! she bears a striking resemblance...


lol this tee has sold out SO quickly!

Glad I got one for myself, it's awesome!

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Just got mine in the mail today...looks great!


just got one for me & my Eng prof husband. love it! so glad this one got printed!!!!


This is the best T-shirt I have seen here. I love mine so much!


The idea is really awesome. It's a shame it looks so ridiculously bad on people with breasts. I'd buy it if that could be fixed.


I bet the woman in the front is George Eliot. But then who's the tiniest guy?


The woman is just a woman...the random pulp cover woman, she was the reader, the one who started this whole mess


i second the 'it looks bad on people with breasts.'
but i bought it anyway. best shirt on threadless!


I love this shirt, kudos!


PLEASE reprint this tee, people! I have to have it.


I love it! i really want to get it but XS is the only size left and i like my tees to be slightly baggy. I'd be risking it i think if i got the XS. What size is XS roughly? - girls XS, that is! i'm a size 6 UK (size 2 US i think??) i wonder if it would be ok to get a XS...i just don't want a tight t-shirt and then regret not waiting for a reprint!

I voted for a reprint anyway...please everyone help out!


Guys......PLEEEEEEASE................ reprint this amazing t-shirt (XS size).......PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE....


nooooooooo i came on to get an XS cos that was the only size left and they are all gone now!!!!! noooooooo!! i was so looking forward to getting it :( please reprint - i want this so badly!
when will we know if its been reprinted? even if you just do a few for we unlucky ones????


If it was reprinted, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


I just received mine in the mail today and haven't stopped wearing it since! I am truly in love. Congratulations with the creative wittiness! This shirt combined a few of all my favorite things.


i love the shirt i just ordered one of the last ones i just wish there was a list of all the authors featured on the shirt


I don't know how I missed this one! Please please make a print! I am a high school English teacher and I soooo want this for my classroom...Pretty please?

polynothing profile pic Alumni

The quick answer: Please vote, and get your friends to vote for it as a print! That'd totally help it get printed!


bought two of these in the first print (one for me, and one for the lady). would buy more in the second, because both of us are wearing out our shirts and they probably smell too because we never wash them because we're always wearing them.

cheers from australia!


I neeeeed this shirt. I was going to vote for it obligitorily (obligitarily?) but there's no need, as this shirt easily bests some good competition. Keep up the good work Josh!


And Picard still wins.


I had a sweet dream that this awesome piece would be reprinted - and someone fulfilled my dreams. Must order at once...


Just got this shirt. Thank you! But...
where exactly is George Eliot and/or Leo Tolstoy? And who's the girl on the ground? Virginia Woolf? (Heh.)

Sorry, I'm just obsessed with this shirt.

polynothing profile pic Alumni

George Eliot is behind Robert Stevenson's shoulder (to the left of Jane Austen's face). You totally nailed leo Tolstoy's location. It's easier to see on the actual shirt, as George's head is a wee bit tiny :)


Oh yeah, there he is. Thanks.


I think this would sell a lot more if... Oh, wait. It's already selling a ton. OK, I think there'd be more schoolteachers buying the eventual reprints of this if it lacked the cheesecake. Not because they find it offensive but because (stupid) parents might find it offensive. And many teachers can't take chances like that.


Uh. I'm a teacher and bought it and, uh, don't wear it to school?


On the reprint, make Jane Austin ripped into pieces inside the other writers mouths (or just dead on the ground, sorry i'm not a fan), and replace her with F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Either way I love the shirt. I want it. Thanx.

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