• by buko
  • posted Apr 27, 2008

skating in space

critique welcomed

Watch this

I think Skate-tro-naut makes more sense and it sounds a little better. The design looks good though. If you do another one like this the guy could be skating in a crater on the moon empty pool style!


hehe clever idea
i think you could submit
althou i think EricDiaz is right about the name

buko profile pic Alumni

thanks for your comments i made some changes with text i hope you like it

ladrones profile pic Alumni

but does not read well

maybe other text
im not really digging
the word

i think it may hurt your score,
because people who like the shirt wont like the word


if your going to keep text, i think you should have
text that is more revlevent

but htast just me

b r d mn17

yea i agree with ladrones
i like the design but just change the font

Steelplate profile pic Alumni

I'd lose the text and have the astronaut skating down off the shoulder... maybe make it a little bigger too.


What he said.

This is good and fun, but the text spoils it.

Mr. Crunchy

I actually like the font and the placement of it on the shirt.
Skate-tron-aut. Sounds pretty cool.

Looks good.



comment on mine please :]
i would love to have your input you seem like a great artist.


I don't think it needs the text cos it doesn't really add to the meaning of the image. Otherwise great image... random concepts - woot :)

crit mine!
Cubistest bot


Maybe do try without the texts?? Let's see the how worked =)


awesome design. aha im allabout the astronauts lol checkout my first design as far as ur design ide add some more swirls and loose or change the text looks extremely out of place. maybe if you could make the letters out of those swirls ur doin under the astro. great work so far keep it up! and i just updated my design! Critique mine if you have the time WOULD BE AWESOME


great illustration and colors! i like rkotar's idea of making the word out of the swirls

my design is up for scoring. could ya help me out and vote and leave a comment? thanks! happy worst day ever


superb i love the shades you used in it i think you should submit it

If you have time do suggest on my work

Brake Heart

Pencilwood Studios

I think you should stick with the word skatetronaut, but maybe have it as a whole word, on one line, as it took me quite a while to work out what it said. You could also try incorporating it into the design more, as someone suggested above. The concept, and the design, is great though!

If you have a second, I have a design currently being scored... if you wouldn't mind voting / commenting on it, that'd be much appreciated, thanks! :)


Hi Buko. Your designs are works of art. Definitely some of the most beautiful on here. As I beginner I would love to know a little about your processes. This one looks done in Illustrator but I look at some of your others like Mr T(iger) and think OMG how did he get the distressed/vintage look, and do you stick to 8 colours or request the special print technique?

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