white men can't jump

  • by shorter
  • posted Apr 24, 2008

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needs a little work tweaking presentation .. 3

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Really interesting type technique, for sure. I dig the striped athletic socks & how you did the basketball bounce in the M in JUMP and you ttoally grasped the style of the early 90s. My problem is the early 90s style. I hate it. But applaud your skills. 3


too much going on, esp in background


perhaps it would be better without the racism

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the typography (especially the bouncing ball trails for letters) and i love this movie and don't find this racist if you get the joke behind it. I don't think it needs the Wesley and Woody on it, either you get it or you don't. I love the early 90's style nowadays tracing back on it unlike how i felt about it then. Nice work!

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$5 if you keep the 'racism'.

(i second not needing 'wesley and woody' on it)


oh they can

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

really really really nice typo job!! But... kinda too messy, like... messy can look really nice when it's well calculated... now it's seem to be a bit too much! :(. You concept is really good and you should stick with it, like you can loose the wall brick and etc... (a.k.a. see the new select from APY, typo shirt, a lot of stuff, but all working).


I don't think that it's meant to be racist since it's an homage to the movie (which was in itself about transgressing a stereotype that white b-ball players had no skills.)

But I do think it's a bit busy and and hard to read. It's a decent design though.

herky profile pic Alumni

very cool!

We Could Be Astronauts

reminds me of mass destruction from faithless "RACISM IS A WEAPON OF MASSDESTRUCTION"
no seriously not bad, a bit too busy for my taste, but still not bad!

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excellent! $5


Raphe10 on Apr 30 '08
perhaps it would be better without the racism
Tigerlilly1067 on Apr 30 '08
i agree....without racism!!!!

Maybe you could do another one saying 'Black Men Can't Spell' to even this out a bit.

Not to my taste, but it's really bloody well done.


Ah! A lot going on. I like the idea, creative, but I think the execution could use some work. It looks cramped. It takes a second to figure out what is going on.

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it reminds me of the movie "white men can't jump", to all the idiots who think this is racist.... and since when did the truth become racist?

well, I like it, definitely a 5. it probably won't get printed because it is a movie title and you reference the actors. copyright issues?


LOL that is soo funny that these people are protesting racism, they obviously don't know this is a movie tribute...silly geese! Cool design, just tone down the "busy", it's all over the place.


winwinwin! love the busy vibe everywhere and the design kicks ass.


ummmmmmm i guess annabam and i are in the minority but i like the busy, too. it really captures the horrificly tacky early 90s style. great design!

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Oh my god is everyone 5 and has forgotten that this is clearly a nod to THE MOVIE? You guys with the racism comments can't be serious, can you?

Whiff Focker
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White men can't jump, thats true but aren't you wondering what happened to black man? Wesley is in jail. Is that a coincidence???


R A C I S M ? ? ?


Seems like too much going on. I'm a fan of busy, but this is too much for me. I also think the shirt color is a bit much as well.


yeah, agree with them that there's a bit too much going on, but i really like the style & it looks pretty awesome & creative. x]


thank you for your comments
it's just a tribute to the film, there's nothing racist in it.


I don't think its racist.. but I DO think a lot of people would find find it "offensive". It would be a lot better without the background, and reading other comments.. I guess its a movie? copyright issues might be a problem when it comes down to printing it.


yeah people its a movie title..


too much goin' on in the back

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