WIP - Understanding Polar Bears

still a bit to do and I haven't added colour yet

Version 2

Version 3

comments always welcome

Watch this

Looks awesome. Are you gonna have him say anything or just leave the speech bubbles blank?

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

He gonna be talking about global warming... but in symbols rather than words


I agree, this looks great with the cityscape. I didn't quite get this by the symbols, the iceberg kind of looks like a flame but if you add some color it will be much more clear. Oh and maybe a hint of a city in the tsunami bubble. Other than that, the poor guys enclosure isn't very big! Looking really good though.

Jonny Freedom

this looks sweet.
Big prints rock too so i give the extra cityscape a thumbs up.

Hi my name is

I really like version 2.

Just an idea. You could and some stuff like the store in the back ground could be the threadless store, or add some funny elements to it like the birds at the bottom doing something silly. Either way like I said I really like it.


Please don't listen to "Hi my name is." Those are the worst ideas ever. "birds doing something funny?" What are you like 2 years old? Pitiful.

Hi my name is

OHgiraffe. What are you like an asshole. I said it was just an idea, and comparing me to a 2 year old, how about looking at your own designs you douche.

Sorry Chris/Raid71.

smitten kitten

wow this looks great! nice work as always!

platinum profile pic Alumni

love this as black and white. I would just add hints of colour, It looks soooo good already.

snaggle tooth

Really love this chris, it is sooo nice. blue as the other color?

if you get a chance, v&c on this for me please...


I like the view of the cityscape being over water so the polar bear's message becomes more immediate. I don't know if that's what you're doing, I can't really tell because it's black and white. But if you brought that back tree forward a bit and maybe suggested some ripples in the empty space between the crowd and the city, it would give the impression it was on a harbour or island and at a lot of risk from rising seas.

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

I'll make a couple of tweaks and add a spot of colour, thanks for all the help


I'd like to see this as a poster as well

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

looks awesome!


I still think there should be a little city in the tsunami bubble but either way this is getting a 5 from me!

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

EricDiaz - I did play around with it, but found it was over crowding the waves... in the end I thought I'd just keep it simple...

Thanks for the suggestion though

Jonny Freedom

i especially love the limited use of colour...
Looking forward to voting on this one :)

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