• by RedLoki
  • posted Apr 22, 2008

I always wondered what else was in that magic infinite bag of hers.

Watch this

I always wondered what else was in that magic infinite bag of hers.

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haha I knew it!


Good ol' Mary Poppins being bad? That's a hoot. Did you draw her yourself? If so, well done.


LOL I love the look on that cops face


:D brilliant

Danny Tanner.

As a single father of 3 young girls, I find this to be amusing. But at the same time, it is totally inappropriate! I can't believe you would even think like that! Drugs are bad! Why, Jesse used to do all kinds of drugs but he had to go straight edge before he came into the Tanner sanctuary, if you know what I mean.


I may have to question your parenting skills Danny, I heard Stephanie tried meth cause she was bored:

Bad Parenting


lmao@danny tanner. reminds me of when my friend trolled the forum as him and i was samuel l jackson.


I wish you put the shirt title on the hirt somewhere.


jajjajajajajaja!.. grande! 5


i agree with Themilkman666, usually text is bad but this title is one of the best parts!!!


i like it very much, but i think you don't need the back


i agree, add the text! don't need the back. plus, i don't think the light blue color is working. also, the drawing is a bit crude. but other than that, i'd buy it ;)


I swear I've seen this before. . . Was it in critiques for a long while?


Yeah it was in the critiques for awhile, I tend to go away and come back to a project so there's a lot of down time between versions.
You guys really don't think the back adds to it? I agree the joke is there just on the front, but I thought the back part riffed on it some more (massive quantity and whatnot). I toyed with the idea of it being much smaller on the back than the main design is on the front. Opinions?


Also, regarding the title, I like it a lot too, but I couldn't think of a good way to add it to the shirt in a way that didn't mess up the flow.


lol, indeed!


Oh its marvelous! Take that Poppins. Those spoons were filled with a different sugar. Totally different take on the movie now.

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I like the idea here, I'd maybe like to see a few of her famous spoons being taken out of her bag placed alongside some syringes, or just have the spoons next to the drugs or a bag of "white stuff" the cops are dipping their fingers into and testing if it's booger sugar. Nice drawings too!


i sorta went that way with an earlier iteration: but decided it was a bit much:


You sure Disney isn't gonna sue you for this one? LOL!


Mary let me down...


This is the second Mary Poppins sub I have seen in.. two minutes. Nice work!


Hehehe. The likeness to Julie Andrews is impecable!


great artwork, great likeness (the cannibis) ha ha
i like all your artwork & sense of humor

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Loved this from the beginning. You really don't need the back, the entire story is on the front. Besides threadless smiles upon less production costs. Wonderful idea beautifully executed. Make it bigger. $5


"practically perfect in every way" ( :

*also, i agree with Themilkman666 and others that you should put the shirt title on the's so clever


ha ha! mary poppins rules!


good stuff man.


VERY cool. You don't need the back, though. I disagree about putting the title on the shirt. I don't think you need that either. the image speaks for itself.


I appreciate all the comments. I think everyone is right about making the main part bigger on the front. I feel like the back could have what it currently does (smaller than the front) or maybe the title in some stylized manner ( but i don't know how to do that without it being jarring/out of place. It would have to be the right font I guess. Not sure. Thoughts?


This is hilarious but Mary Poppins has a blue dress.......$5


I think the title might look nice if you just make it small and in line with the bottom of the shirt on the back. Love the joke!


hahaha! I actually like the front small but the blue shirt does make it kinda weird. But thanks for sharing her secret!

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