Watercolor My Soul

I would like some help on the preview, suggestions pls.

Watch this

I would like some help on the preview, suggestions pls.


Is it going to be on blue? I like in on natural or whatever that color you have in the main pic is. The design's really beautiful btw.


i dont see why it shouldnt get printed. i like this design. nice abstract representation and the colours are nice. i wouldnt wear it but i'd buy it for someone.


please tell me WHY I shouldn't submit it

Le Dobermann

end of the brush looks really odd.. dosent blend together


I think as a small design it's a bit lacking, maybe if it was lower and a bit bigger it would look better.


Your pictures are pixelated and I can't really see the design very well. I liked the angle of the first submission more.

Critique Me?


Um by angle I meant of the lady paintbrush.. sorry


yeah, she looks like she is breaking her hip.


i think the paintbrush is fine the way it is. it's a paintbrush it's suppose to be flexible. the whole thing looks like watercolours itself. the first design was nice but i do like the addition of the moon and treelimbs. gives it a little more of an artistic feel. you have more to look at instead of JUST the paintbrush, which looks great by itself though.


heh, nice one! If you have the time to rework this than you might want to flip the woman upside down so her hair is the paintbrush bristles. But i do like how her arm and hair make up the wood grain too. As for the presentation the first and third slides are really low res. I know it's hard to get it under 250kb, it took me the longest time to get mine decent looking. Are you saving for web, as gif's?


this be's the monkey shoes. monkeys dont wear no shoes if'n they dont gots ta. i wants monkey shoes for m'monkey. but not if it gots ta. monkey shoes, monkey shoes!!!


Actually, its totally accurate due to if you were really painting that with a real paint brush its would be making this swooping motion. So GOOD JOB! The angle is precisely right and the moon and cherry blossoms really do add to the artistif feel like KetchupAndMustard said.


Such a good idea! submit the first version


hey... im just now realizing something... what the hell happened to the tassle that she originally had??? i liked that ...


yeah i like the first sub better..
i didnt really no that was a brush til i looked at th efirst sub


no eric thanks for the tip! It was pissin me off pretty bad so I kinda took off for a while, thanks for feedback everyone


I think this is gonna be my last design here, for a long while at least.


eww, need to change that last slide.


Wow! This could be amazing with the right placement! Though, the colors look a little chalky. Maybe intensify them a little, the blurred effect isn't exactly good kind in this once. Also, maybe add some little details around the brush?

Do you think it would be cool with the watercolor streak wrapping around the back of the shirt?

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

its interesting.. i think it needs some sort of backround.. and i think it might be too many colors.. but it has potential..

critique mine?


Taper off the curling part of the brush. This is a cool concept. I like...


Thanks everyone. More comments before editing?


Hey - that's pretty cool!

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