Creativity is not efficient. It has a different relationship to time than most of us...

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Dynamic Stylz

Creativity is not efficient. It has a different relationship to time than most of us...


this is trippy. i like the use of the red

Le Dobermann

nice! but maybe add some shading to those balloons ? they look too plain right now.


i think you should do the people and the balloons in the same style as the hand and the rest of the illustration.

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

I agree the people and balloons should be consistent with the style on the hand. Are you planning to include the text because I think you don't need it. Overall very cool design!

If you get a chance please take a look at mine:


i pretty much agree with retroludo - people/balloons/text. i love the image of the hand rising up! and the way it has been drawn.


i love the hand, the balloons need some work, and i wouldn't write Creativity on the bottom


maybe the people should be more detail...
the text is not necessary...

mine ?


I think the simplified people are a good contrast, but def agree on reworking the balloons to the same style as the hand.


I love how you did the arm lots of texture. I agree about not writing creativity at the bottom

sword of destiny

ya really cool!
i agree the text is not needed

and what are the 2 white things underneath the boat? are they birds? kinda hard to figure out :S

overall great :)


id get rid of the balloons too. the hand is magnificent though.


I really like the design, although I agree with most people that the balloons could use some more detail to match the arm. Also, I would get rid of the text it's not adding anything. Sweet work though.


it is cool i agree too the text is not need the balloons need more
detail the people too.

Major Island

i like the detailed hand + simple balloons but not the font. and also the whole design's a bit huge for my taste. love the design though. is it an old or a hairy arm? your help is much appreciated


I like the image a lot, but don't like the text so much. I definitely prefer the shirts that look a bit more "drawn" than vector shapes, and this has a really nice etching look to it, it's a shame that doesn't extend to the balloons though, there are some amazing pics of really early hot air balloons about. Still, it's wicked. Good stuff.

Dynamic Stylz

Ok I took all of your suggestions to heart and made the changes. I know a lot of you wanted me to do the balloons in the same style as the hands but it is to much... so I made them smaller "not so much RED"


I'd buy it. You should just try to make the balloons like the hands and see how they look.

snaggle tooth

the balloons need to be worked so they don't look flat, had some highlights and shadows. love the use of red throughout. Maybe add a few spots to the growth coming off the right side of the house to look like flowers?


It's not bad.... but the hands are really old and unattractive. They ruin the whole thing for me.


The balloons should be illustrated as well.


Im likin the block nature of the is an amazing illustration..have you played around with different background colours..might look good as a reverse..?? black T..cream ill?


This is great! I agree that the balloons need some ink elements and also not to be perfect round shapes


yes baloons should be less perfect.
otherwise it's beutifull


great hand is enough and maybe the houses a little bigger.

True Infidel

If you make the balloons like the hands, it would be really really awesome. As of now it is only really awesome. Which isn't bad, per se, but wouldn't you want it to be even better? =D


i like the balloons as they are. submit.


it looks like you're losing the index finger on his left hand. i say if all the fingers have more detail, it would look better.


I'm agreeing with the other folks here, the people hanging from the the balloons should be in the same style as the hand. The balloons and people look like cookie cut outs, they would benefit hugely if they were more graphic.

New Beginning

Great artwork and details. it does look like the left index finger is fading though. As for the balloons, they are a little simple. They stand out from the work because they are not as detailed. Maybe try changing the color to black or somehow have the style of the balloons mimic the hands such as make the balloon a sketch like the hand. Or maybe having the balloon a unique design other than a simple circle. If you still want to keep the red just outline the balloon in black.


add detail to the balloons. (maybe some lines to make them look sketched?)

i love it though.


Great placement on v2. I agree with above post about balloon shape, make them balloons. I like the simple graphic red, I don't think they need outlines and rendering but they do need to be shaped like a balloon.
All in all though ---very cool!

Dynamic Stylz

Ok everyone... I took your advice and sketched the balloons. I do have to agree with all of you it makes this piece MUCH STRONGER :-)

Hope you Like/Love

olie! profile pic Alumni

looks way cool! Submit it!

Dynamic Stylz

so the balloons work for you ?


The balloons look fantastic. Sage green? Blue? I don't know...I'm crap at coordinating colors.


Very nice, balloons look great.
Not much to critique now, ummmm, maybe the index finger fades away too much...really not a big deal

True Infidel

I love the color of this shirt, and the balloons look WAY cooler now. This shirt is so awesome. My head might asplode if I stare at it too long.

Malcolm Man

I think something in the BG would give it a bit more depth on the shirt. A few clouds?

NJz Kollectionz

This shirt is awesome. But I agree that adding a few clouds
or small ballons in the background would help.

Whale Car

This is great! The design and colours are wonderful. I hope this is going to be on a tan shirt though. It would look nicer that way.

Whale Car

And I don't think clouds would look good in it. It distracts people too much from the hands, which is your focus. Many people also don't like clutter. =/


this design is great! can submit it really!!!!...the colors, place and the idea is cool! nice idea!

Dynamic Stylz

Thank you all for your GREAT input ...
I have submitted the shirt and am waiting for approval. Please go and vote on it in the next few days :-)

True Infidel

When this is ready to be rated I'm rating it $5 for sure.

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

Indeed, I hope you'll bump this when it is subbed.

Dynamic Stylz

what do you mean "bump it"

Does anyone know how long it takes on average to get designs approved.

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