My adopted brother

  • by marrgalo
  • posted Apr 19, 2008

"I'm not sure if this is going to work..."

There are some things Momma Roo probably should have taken into consideration before adoption...This is just a case of "too much naught, too little pouch!"

Watch this

"I'm not sure if this is going to work..."

There are some things Momma Roo probably should have taken into consideration before adoption...This is just a case of "too much naught, too little pouch!"


yay, you went and changed the popsicle color like i suggested

Jessica L

dammit, i was planning on making a design with a joey in a pouch. well, yours is way better than whatever i would have come up with! i love it.


LOVE this as a hoodie and great for the little'ns


Thanks, guys!! I thought it would be something sweet that everyone could enjoy :) I'm surprised so many people like the brown version, though. I really like the green myself!

Jessica L

yeah, definitely the brown -- it's more of a kangaroo color, the greys really pop on brown, and frankly, i just don't dig olive drab, which also just does not look good with the purple.


Cute, I love the incorporation of Aboriginal-style 'dot' art. 5!!


Whoo! It's finally here! Good work, love it! 5!


Yay, lookit, it's up! And it looks fabulous - I love the brown and how there's popsicle colour options! (I'm still partial to the orange over purple myself, but I appear to be in the minority on that one...) This design turned out really great :)

May I please have it on a hoody for the upcoming Aussie winter, Threadless?



jajaj sos una genia no entiendo como podes dibujar tan bien hdppp.. bue si ganas me vas a tener q regalar unas cuantas

besos tkm


Love it on brown

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Oh goody it's up. So cute!



must print on a hoodie!!! Very welll designed, good art, good concept, though it's a little abstract without the title


its up!
I will kill for the brown hoodie! GIMMIE


Threadless, this is a must print!!!!

Really love your style

definitly wear it!!



Ack the cuteness is blinding! :D Very cool. Love. Brown hoodie FTW!!

Critique Me?


Ahhhh, this is so adorable! 5


Oh wow, i've actually followed this a bit in the critique section.

It's really come together and I'm glad you submitted it!
I dig it.

5 and alive


Awesome! I'm glad you like the final product!
Thanks for all the positive comments, guys, it feels great to hear that other people are enjoying the design as much as I did while making it. Thanks all!


i would get it
very cute

little pixie

I think this is pretty cool! I don't care for the cream shirt as a background. The green is cool, but the contrast with the brown is the best! And it MUST be a purple popsicle! :) I'd buy it!


rather cute and cunning.. i like the green the best, but thats cause I LOVE green! haha If I got this I would def wear it to my amazing 3 hour anthropology class. I guess you get a 5.



$ FIVE $

The Fidgeting Widget

the face on the koala with the look of reckless abandon makes me giggle every time I look at it! especially with the contrast of the awww sad face of the joey, laugh! nice job


I have never gotten a threadless hoodie before, but if this gets printed on a hoodie, I'd buy it like that! (snap)

keep up the good subs!


Another goodie as a hoodie!


Thanks! I've never bought a hoodie either, so it would be awesome to see my design on one. I wonder if their hoodies are American Apparel, too?


i'm glad i've gotten to see this evolve from the beginning...and i know how much time you've spent on it, so I know it really deserves to win. Its a clever design and i would definitely buy it. great work and keep up the creative ideas. :D buena suerte!


brilliant, best hoodie design i've seen on threadless.


my son's going to have more threadless shirts than I do... $5


thanks for the feedback everyone! and that was quite the complement from ninjas, I really appreciate it!


5/5 brilliant!


i love the hoodie! and I dig the brown and purple... $5 (for the hoodie) :)


makes me smile :)

5 and possible $


Definitely brown. I actually LOLed. I would absolutely buy it.


deffo brown.
deffo hoodie.

and i shall buy it!


I appreciate all the comments and compliments :) I'm glad I made something that others can enjoy! Last day for scoring... yikes


Hey, congrats! That's not a half-bad score. I've got my fingers crossed for a print...

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