Photoshop as the only tool of trade ???


My first post here, great site/community :)

Anyways im so used to Photoshop(over 10 years) that i cant even imagine any other tool. Drawing lines in Illustrator is like operating a space rocket to me.

Are raster 4000x4000 pixel images big enough to be printed ? Threadless most likely accept only vector, but one day i want to print on shirts myself too.

Thank you!

Watch this

I'm pretty sure as long as it's 300dpi tless can print it. I have sent in designs both made in illustrator and photoshop.

The Jolly Brewer

They accept photoshop files. You just need to keep the colours down if it is to be printed line. One good way is to keep individual colours on separate layers.

Check out the submission kit for more info.

Le Dobermann

its 72ppi or something like that.. at least thats what my photoshop size tool says.. No idea how that can be compared to 300dpi :D

Le Dobermann

Jolly i can turn them to vector for Threadless :)
heat transfer dosent need color separation and for own prints i will use that. Cause i have many designs and it will take ages to separate layers :)

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

They have simulated process now, which basically prints anything.

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