Hot Night

  • by nando_vt
  • posted Apr 14, 2008

Some leather and lust in black and white. A hot wild night.

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Some leather and lust in black and white. A hot wild night.


too pornographic. and i don't find all nudity pornographic...berrynoir?


yeah i agree. take the spread legs and nipples out and you might be going places with this


I really really liked this, and then I noticed the drippy lady at the very top of the design. Too far.


Aaaaaaaan I just noticed the ejaculating penis. No. Just no.

Le Dobermann

not for threadless i guess hahaha.. but this is clever design and well done.. 5!


:D kudos for the design work man, but yeah definitely not threadless material.. but you're style is one to be reckoned with, you just need to tone down the subject matter so to speak.


LOVE the style... context is just... ew...


like the design, but wrong site i guess. keep going and mayb tone down a little...


wrong site my arse! this is fantastic!

$$$$ FIVE $$$$

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

hahaaa, i like it - i just wish it was flashier.


This is great - but it'll never get printed.


I'd never wear it personally, but I think it's a great design nonetheless. 5 from me!


i think i'll just be adding to the noise when i say that i am blown away by your style and find it to be a beautiful piece of work, were it not for the overwhelming eroticism. i agree with getting rid of the spread legs and the nipples.


N A Pro Pri 8


Your linework is fantastic and I love the design... But probaby not my kinda tshirt.


I am in love with your art and style, but really? This could be so good if it wasn't so... well, sleazy.


A bit much, really. But excellent execution. :]


well it's not Aubrey Beardsley, it is my style. her style is completely different. by the way, i agree with black and white.


Ooh, yeah, I was going to $5 it, but faaar too pornographic to wear I think..

ALTHOUGH, the style is amazing.


This really reminds me of Jasper Goddall's work with a touch of Sanna Annukka


Awesome style (although I don't wear plain black on white tees), don't like the subject matter.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

She's got a heart shaped vajayjay.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Also I thought that thing was a house. A house with stuff spurting from the chimney.



I love the mix of positive and negative space.


Booblies! cant wear that

really cool design, minus the naked girl with a heart where her vagingo should be


take the chick off the top, and you can have a $. And you got the hearts backwards...the pointy part is the vagina and the round part is the butt.


nasty, and not in the good way. too bad because your style is cool.

Winter the artist
Winter the artist profile pic Alumni

this would make an awesome album cover!!

"people fear things with nipples"...remember that!!


only things I have a complaint with are some of the proportion. The breasts look too awkward and the leg on the right looks like it just kinda sticks out...

I realize it's supposed to be abstract though.

I wouldn't buy it but I do enjoy the design in general and the way you used only black and white.


if this does not get printed UGGG.. I NEED TO GET THIS ON A SHIRT

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I've been a fan of Jasper Goodall for year and it's pretty obvious that this is where you drew your inspiration from.

I'm not saying you knocked the art exactly or any of his pieces but have obviously been influence by his style.

For any of you who don't know, Jasper Goodall is one of the great contemporary illustrators.

Art Engine

lmao. very clever. i'd be too scared to wear it though..


Lovely use of negative space, and I like the way the dripping throughout emphasises the theme of heat/melting. However, the woman on the top of the house/penis just sends it over into tacky Playboy territory for me.

Also, FWIW, Aubrey Beardsley was a man.


DAMN that's tasty. There's Beardsley and a touch of Erte in there, and it's still innovative. And hawt. $5!


...Hmmmm. Re the Goodall thing, it is pretty damn close. Not enough to sway me though.


nice incorporation of the different elements together, but i agree that it's a BIT too pornographic...maybe tone it down a bit.
it's interesting, though, and a really well designed!

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