• by phyntosia
  • posted Apr 14, 2008

Firstly, this is a beautiful design, and CONGRATS Mr "I know nothing"!

Secondly, I'm so sick of creme shirts. Everything used to be printed on creme. Is it just me, or are all the shirts that would previously have been on creme, are now printed on sand? I do like it for tees like In Pachydermic Fashion (which is on a desert so needs a sandy background) or How Many Licks (which is ye olde style so needs a dirty-looking background); but for this design, I do think creme would have looked nicer.

That said, it doesn't make a particularly big difference, I was just interested to notice the move from creme to sand, which overall I think is good, since creme has been a bit done to death! :)

Watch this

I would look horrible in this color so I couldn't agree more. If it was on something other than creme, white, or sand I would buy it in a heartbeat. Or lemon... I think that's my list of crap colors... and orange. Oh and lime. Sigh.


This color looks awesome on me. This design looks awesome on sand. Oh, I win. Indeed. :D


sick shirt. not a fan of Sand in general, but i think the design works well on the color. i'll be picking this up at the store tomorrow.

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