Poppy Rose

  • by vkrawiec
  • posted Apr 14, 2008

This is a re-submitted design. The rose is meant to have a pointilism/pixilated look.

Watch this

This is a re-submitted design. The rose is meant to have a pointilism/pixilated look.


My eyes, they burn!




ok, maybe on a different t-shirt color, i was thinking a light yellow?


It doesn't look like a flower. 0


No sorry, hurts my eyes aswell


its alright, but, and I don't know if you could do this, are capable of doing this but, If you could somehow draw the rose like it was growing a person inside of it like hooked into the rose somehow powering it or something, like the people in the matrix or something, with hoses hooked up kinda just the outline visible perhaps, THAT would be AWESOME!

Koala Bear

Well people, I love it!!! and I can't wait to walk the streets of Melbourne in it. VK, you're going to be a star!

muah to all


Yay for people that randomly join just to vote on their friends' stuff...

Pixels do not equal Pointilism, trust me.

The green shirt would be fine if the orange wasn't so... orange. Or bright or something. I think this would have looked seriously cool had it not been pixeled so severely.


I think it would have been better if you had submitted this as a critique first. Red and green are usually complimentary, but not those shades. Maybe if the shirt was red it would look decent with the blue lines, or maybe a blue shirt with orange lines. The pixels are far too small to be noticed. Just looks like a bad quality MS Paint scribble to me.


Ahem....I know the difference between pixilation and pointilism, I was just trying to describe it, maybe it was a poor word choice.... After viewing what people post on threadless.com, everything is crisp and cleaned up, but I knew this wasn't like the majority so that is why I described it the way I did. I like my desired effect, it kinda looks like it could have been stamped on, but I guess I'm in the minority here...

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