• by wiliwili
  • posted Apr 12, 2008

Hi folks!!!

The first version is rather simple. But hope you like it.

Watch this

Hi folks!!!
The first version is rather simple. But hope you like it.

bloody bear

is this a picture...? anyway, i agree make it blow, but do somhting witty, like a cloud sneezing, or it's a fan.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

needs a concept behind it rather than just an object placed on the shirt, and there's already a dandelion print


personally i dont like it but it has a concept behind and more comopsition work, if you sub this it will most likely get dropped from the competition

i suggest you browse through the catalog to get a better idea of what gets printed here, if you want to go with something lacking concept you need a really, really, REALLY good illustration work to have a printing chance


idk that dandelion print is not the same idea as this one. but maybe a concept since ever1 wants one

Jebs profile pic Alumni

i think that it's technically really good, but you need to improve the concept here, like other said, you have skills but try to rework it to have a good score ;-)


thx very much for ur suggestions. I will keep working on it and submit a new version, very soon.
(and its not a picture! :))


Personally, I like it. I don't know much about what gets selected, so I don't think you should give much weight to what I'm saying, but I think a haunting image, like this, is great.

Mind giving yet another critique?


I just added some dandelion seeds falling of.


I agree with againstbound too, it has to have a solid concept. Since the word has lions is in it, maybe you could try something with that? Like parachuting lions holding on to the falling seeds. Or have the big dandelion on its own forming a roaring lions head. I dunno, just needs something else.


new idea, new style!


Interesting idea. The base of the "bulb" seems a little harsh against the softness of the flower.... Perhaps some overlap to make it look a little more natural?

I love the glow look, and the little flyaway bits.


Cool, this looks great!! I really like this, I think the dandelion looks great, the only thing letting the design down is the light attachment. I think it need more detail...like an actual light attachment and you could even add a light chain hanging down....something like in this jpg I found doing a google search....http://images.jupiterimages.com/common/detail/53/21/23372153.jpg
I like the green colour of the attachment though. Nice design!


I wonder if they can do the glow thing too


thx for your suggestions and tips!! dont know if threadless can make this glowing, i hope so. but i can also try another methode.


If its printed, the dandilion bulb could look cool in puff ink or suede.

Critique Mine?


this is really beautiful... but i don't like wearing shirts with print that hangs down the middle. It makes me feel like I'm wearing a tie. Maybe you could position it somewhere else, or make it a lantern.


but looking back at your previous designs i like this one the best. And i like the first version but this is the best.


improved the light effect on the lamp and modified all a bit.

Ehud L

The light onthe lamp base is'nt coming from the right direction.
I like the bulkiness of it in comparison with light dandelion. I think you should draw it by hand or at least edit the photo so it looks cleaner

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