I'm getting tanked left and right....

Yo peeps,

I'm relatively new here and I'm kinda shocked at how quickly my designs are getting rejected...My first one, Snowball Tenants, understandably in retrospect got tanked pretty quick but my latest design, Lady Fingers, I thought was good compositionally and at least merited the seven days of voting...the comments were relatively encouraging...

I realize there is a whole 1.5 Rule equation that also plays a part but I find it strange that there were no negative comments and that i didn't get more feedback before it failed so miserably on the polls.

I'm not saying I'm pissed it didn't win but I would have benefited from a little more feedback and time.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, insights, suggestions or advice.


ps, link to lady fingers:

Watch this
Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Oh i $er your "somewhere else" shirt earlier today. It's just the name of the game. You look at some of the most printed designers and they have also likely had designs that dropped in the beginning. You're learning, likely the software and the community at the same time. It's difficult. I'm learning Adobe Photoshop and I'm just expecting when the time comes that I finally sub, most of the initial efforts will fail

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Lady fingers is a flat design, in my opinion. Plus it has a large WTF factor and bright primary colors so likely a lot of people click on the thumbnail and go "arg wtf" and just 0 it. Lots of people do either 5s or 0s and that's it.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I think "Somewhere Else" will break a 2 for sure though. Maybe low 2s, but that's still a respectable score. Okay I'm done babbling.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

it takes time to figure out what threadless wants, i'm still struggling to do it, threadless is a cruel mistress, but dont get too disappointed, i've seen lots of great design being shot dwon and i havent even been that long here so im sure theres many more

as for the feedback there's the critique section to help you develop your designs and making them more treadless friendy, too bad it doesnt get much attention but it helps sometimes

and if you do figure out threadless, you let me know!!

just keep at it mate, cheers

Steve The Great

I don't exactly vote anymore but lady fingers would have gotten a high score from me if the colors were a little "deeper" as kookaberry already mentioned.

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keep at it dude. i gave lady fingers a 4 and i look forward to your next design!

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I really liked lady fingers too. I'm in the same boat with some of my subs. just gotta keep at it i guess :)


Dang diggidy...thanks for all the feedback/critique/encouragement/etc... the comments make sense and it's good to get a little feedback. I'm starting to grasp the community thing...can't just walk into the joint like you own the place, eh...the design element is good too cos I feel like it's making me up my game a little. Anyway, long post, so thanks again for your time and comments.

upso profile pic Alumni

yeah man... just get more involved and try again! if nothing else.. you get better each time you try


i thought this was a blog about you getting super drunk


also, i really like your "lady fingers" sub

d3d profile pic Alumni

yeah Lady Fingers is nice. just ignore the scores and keep doing your thing. bananaphone rarely scores above 1.6 and he has 4 prints. you'll do fine.


I really liked your first one. Theres just no accounting for taste.


Good vibes dudes and dudettes...thanks for the comments.

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