oompa loompa

i love oompa loompas..yay

Watch this

I'm practially peeing myself in anticipation for June 15th.
New movie! All about CANDY!


zoe you rule. like tenthoughhhsand ahah


the new movie SUCKS
don't see it.
they so ruined it on so many levels.


Well thatsnotnormal, if you knew anything about anything you'd know that it was the original movie that "ruined it on so many levels." And I'm talking about the original story. You know the book? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the first movie, but don't say that the new one ruined anything when it's closer to the original story than the 1st movie.

Daniel James Diggle

The new film was good, its gonna be one of those films that people either love one or the other. I liked the new one and its deeper slightly darker atmosphere, but damn there is NO arguing that the new Ompa Lompa's are totally "pants" (crap!) They dont compete with the old ones at all. And the musical numbers in the new film are terrible and not clear or catchy.
I was lucky I saw it when i went 2see my girlfriend in holland last week. But its out in UK now i fink, so go see it!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Dan has no taste in movies. That movie was the best.

Daniel James Diggle

Hey i liked both! but if your saying it was the best movie ever???
maybe u wanna think about your own taste first!lol


Thats Burton for ya. Big fan of both though, personally I dont think anyone could replace Gene Wilder.


i know :) i'm saying they ruined the original. which i love. and i like the story of the book, as well, but i thought they did a poor job at exicuting it. and i had high expectations. and i probabbly worded my comment wrong. so yeah.

Daniel James Diggle

well ur comment was kinda direct and clear:
"the new movie SUCKS don't see it. "
but hey,
everyones a critic.


the old oompa loompas were waaaaaay better then the new ones, especially since there was only one guy. i liked the old movie better. GENE WILDER DOMINATES!!!!!!!!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Wait, I meant Dan (Thatsnotnormal). Sorry to the other one ;)

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

And I think Johnny Depp replaced Gene Wilder just fine.


Never, nuh uh, not gonna happen. No ones replaceing Gene.

Daniel James Diggle

what about an image of an OOMPA LOOMPA (the old style) with a big set of braces (maybe even a full head set - as in the new film)
Thus combining the 2films with great irony too!!!
I fink im gonna skech that idea now..
A really sad dejected look on his face too, and an uneaten bar of wonka chocolate lying on the floor...

Daniel James Diggle

oooohhhh!! the oompa is coming along quite well.But does anyone know if there will be any issues using the image of the oompa's? (though the actual image will be totaly origional) but 'dark side of the garden' had darth vader in it, so i guess it'll be ok.
i hope...!


i didn't like the new oompa loompas either, but i definatly refered the movie as a whole. it's much nicer closer to the book, and i definatly prefere johnny depp. he's just a class above almost every actor out there right now, this is another fine performance.

Ady bear

does anyone remember seeing jackass that time and the dwarf dude dressed as an oompah and went around on a skateboard?
laughed me arse off!

Ava Adore

I can't wait till this movie comes out in aus!!. september 1st though :(


umm... doesn't this movie totally creep anyone else out?

Spoon Wrangler

i LOVEd the new movie. and its not about "replacing gene wilder," its about revisiting the story from another point of view.

of course, i love tim burton and all that he creates, so theres probably a lot of bias there. oh well, it was worth watching at any rate.

and i love the shirt idea Daniel James Diggle, good luck with it.


Sure, the new movie is more faithful to the book, so that gets major respect points from me. But I just don't like the way Johnny Depp portrayed Wonka. You know, like the Michael Jackson. I liked how in the first one, Wonka was a little nice and warm, mostly at the end.

And of course, the Oompa Loompas pissed me off in the new one.

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