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Is this Pro og Anti War?

  • by Vannjenta
  • posted Apr 07, 2008

I want to ask the question no one seems to be asking. What do you think this shirt stands for? Is the message pro or against war. For me its showing the dark side of the war, but then again the people on the product pic holding an axe doesn't seem to be that horrored... Could I be wearing this shirt and without my knowledge celebrating the greatness of a war I don't approve?

What are your thoughts about the symbolism of this shirt?

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Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

as with "most" (never means all) art the entire beauty is that the viewer makes their own interpretation whether the artist intended to convey what they see or not.

so if the artist attempted to glorify war and you the wearer looks at it and believes it condemns war and some passer by assumes you dipped yourself in kool-aid... its really pointless to ask what it means, because for all we know the artist simply wanted half the shirt to be red, and realized it looked like blood, so why not add bodies, oh and a black circle would balance it all out...

art is a great mystery, contemplate its purpose but never assume you know the true meaning... much of art is contrived


I agree, but I still think its interesting to hear peoples assossiations around the design of this shirt, since the art is so powerful!


it's pro GOG is what it is, is what it is.

Steak Mtn

It's pro-carnage, anti-exercise & completely warless. Promise. Wear it with the morbid ne'er-do-well moxie that youth shrouds you in.


sigh That shroud is gone. I'm just gonna wear it cause I think it's a fucking cool tee shirt and I like the way it looks, 'k?

ladrones profile pic Alumni

the guy makes stuff for no idea records it cant be pro war


If you don't understand it, chances are your friends won't either. Tell them it's a shirt about your last camping trip. Then invite them camping.

aled profile pic Alumni

It's clearly PRO-WAR.

All artists are pro-war.


actually, if you squint, it's the reconstruction of a person in deconstructed parts - with the black orb as the head, the dome the torso forming the arms and, you know, stuff.

I also read it as a political statement against My Little Ponies.

Damn, if not a sugar need, maybe a salt daddy is needed in my case.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

wait fatheed is right,
i have a unquenchable bloodlust how could have i forgotten?


It's Steak Mountain.

It's violence and mutation. WOOOO!!!

Hardcore Grapefruit

It looks pretty ani-war to me...but then as someone who finds the idea of war appaling, it's fitting that I'd have that response.

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