Achingly gorgeous

  • by Lilitou
  • posted Apr 07, 2008

This shirt is so incredibly beautiful. I want it so badly I could cry. Oh, bank account, why are you empty?

Watch this

Couldn't really afford it, yet couldn't afford not to get it; of all the amazing designs I've seen on threadless, this is the one that is most 'me,' and that's saying a lot. I had to fight to keep the tears back, it struck me so deep. Now I need a print of it, at least -- want it on the hood of a car, want a mural done on an entire wall in my living room. It's absolutely perfect...thank you, thank you Kneil, thank you threadless!!!

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^^lol @ "I had to fight to keep the tears back"

Lilitou I thought for a second that you have a shaved head. That would be rad :-{D


Ha! I am not nearly that bold. I wouldn't actually look good with a shaved head, sadly. :(


Agh no 4 left, 2 mins later there are 3. By the time I can borrow my mum's card they'll all be gone. Why are you so useless, Solo.


I have intentions of buying it very soon, I love it so much.


Kneil, why lol @ my reaction? :) Do you think I'm silly, or d'you not see how profoundly your work can touch other people? How many songs do you hear that you feel you could have written, they were so close to you, that echo your feelings and experiences completely? I'm sure as a creator you realize that art is no different. Your art is no different, as well.

I'm sure you are not lost on the symbolism of the phoenix. I am a person in the life-process of "rising from my own ashes," as it were, and one fae-touched, as well. For me, this was as if you had read my poetry and talked to my closest allies and designed a shirt, just for me. So, yeah, there were nigh tears. :) And I'm not ashamed to say so. :)

It's a testament to your abilities and your connection with the creative flows and energies that you're able to affect others so profoundly. I hope you realize what amazing gifts those are.

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Trumidge, that was merely a reaction to the notion that you might just be exaggerating the senses that is provoking how much you like the design. It is not as if to mock you in any way.

Well if that's the case, that's deeply appreciated.

Btw, I think you just made my day. :-D


makes me wish I had monies too, it's more beautiful each time I look at it.

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