Texas Warped Tour

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Jun 23, 2005

Whats up everyone just letting all of you know that if you live in Texas and are going to be at one of the 4 Warped Tour dates in that state, we at Threadless will be traveling along with a booth to sell some shirts! Come out and say hello, buy a few shirts, and maybe win some goodies from us and some of the bands we sponser, all while enjoying one killer line up! Those dates will include the following bands sporting Threadless gear

The Receiving End of Sirens
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Armor for Sleep
Opiate for the Masses
Plain White Ts

We are super excited about this tour, and hope to see you all out there!

ps check out www.warpedtour.com for full line up , times, and ticket information....get yours fast its bound to sell out!

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bortwein profile pic Alumni

Drat, not coming to Austin. But this brings up an odd thing. "You know you have been going to Threadless too much when..." I had a dream last night that the whole Threadless crew decided to stop by my house during thier road trip and crash at my house. I spent the whole time trying Not to talk you guys into printing one of my designs.

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Dammit! I was actually planning on going to the show in San Antonio with a friend, but I can't. Oh well, I'll tell her to pick up some shirts for me.


You guys should come to Portland Oregon.
I would visit you.


you can fight the peeps from Hot Topic


you guys should come to fresno for the warped tour here and give out free swag


I'll be at the San Antonio show.....see you guys there!


I think Warped is sometime soon here in Houston....
I was going to go but the frikken thing was taken over by crappy bands I don't like. </3


i have a wedding this weekend in oklahoma
the day of the houston warped tour.

i'll see to it that my loved ones buy me something.




this makes me wanna win tickets even more

i'm poor.



ahh to bad you weren't here for warped tour in columbus.


do we get any premios for wearing a threadless shirt to the show? :P


Badass... I get free tickets from someone every year.. I'll see y'all in San Antonio!


i went proudly in my threadless shirt, but i didn't see y'all there. but what a blast.



Just got back from it like an hour ago... didn't have a threadless shirt, but bought Emotional Trip from their tent.

Also, got to hang out for a little bit and chat with some of the people working there, true badasses. Thanks again guys!

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

yeah man, Canada's the NEW Texas... at least Alberta is.


family force 5 - band liked my shirt i told em it was from threadless check em out they are all realy cool and awsome music


also go on IMF its kinds like a fuse or mtv tv station, they have an interview thing with the killers and one of the guys is wearing the 'somoking hot' t-shirt

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