Plan B

  • by radacol
  • posted Apr 07, 2008

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This is really sick


It's too busy.

But I'd probably buy a tee with just the crowd of people....I like the did a nice job on them....but not really into the background or the planes or the skateboards.

-_- -_-

why is it cracked in the middle


how many different things have been dropped from bombers on this site?


colors are brilliant. love it.


I love skateboarding, but I love it because it's free from the politics of everyday life.

I like that you're trying to rep skating, but I think it's a bit too grave to include the skateboards.


Cool, but maybe not as a tshirt.


I don't think I'd enjoy being pegged with a falling skateboard. 'Tis better than a bomb, however!!!


lol I thought the biggest skateboard was actually a llama!


We have seen a lot of things drop from bombers, but I think skateboards win.

panda whore

Maybe less planes to cut down on the visual clutter . . .but awesome


hahaha blan b... turn the muslims into a bunch of skatebording rebles like americans and we'll destroy them form the inside out, thats the problem over there, there just too damn dedicated and loyal to all there rules and faith and all that crap, it makes ya pretty strong when u are willing to send a toddler into the field with a bomb strapped to them....


you're on to something, no doubt. I'd make it more...realistic. don't have a 'sky' shape, just make the shirt blue-ish. have the buildings taper off the edges. have the planes all level, dropping the skate boards. plus i'd have the words "Plan B" on there, because otherwise I think the meaning is lost.

Sorry for all the crit...good stuff though...

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Man, i bet getting hit in the head with a skateboard would still smart a whole bunch.

Also, i'd say drop some ramps for the people to get mad air off of, but those would hurt all the more.

white_hat on Apr 14 '08
how many different things have been dropped from bombers on this site?

I so agree with this sentiment tho. When's the sub coming with bomer jets dropping smaller bomber jets dropping smaller bomber jets to infinity coming out? Or just big bombs in the sky dropping bomber jets? I'll be waiting with my 1's ready for the subs!


this is awesome. a little something for all the skaters out there. i gotta own it!


that looks like Baghdad... swords into ploughshares, bombs into skateboards... yes ! this is the way to end the oil wars! ~ see the rad connection?

caer urfa

like the idea but too many planes going in random directions - reckon it would look better with just 3 planes


i hope nobody minds, but i'm already at work on a sub in which this design is dropped from bombers

never to be seen again


Background needs to be less busy IMO. Try lightening up the pastels or taking out a few planes and skatebombs.

Fun n Jello

The concept is good, but it looks starnge on the t-shirt. It is too square, and the edges are very harsh, so it would look more like an iron-on transfer.


i don't really care for the concept and its a bit busy. i suppose i might be misinterpreting it, but it essentially seems like instead of dropping bombs we should be spreading...our pop culture? it doesn't make much of a statement.


that's a nice idea saffronjones! and yep, i agree with others, it's a bit too crowded.

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