Word up! High 5 time!

Hello, thanks for the votes and the love and such.

Also check out the submission page as threadless went crazy with their photos once again. They are brilliant!

And as always, to check out my work just look at letsmakeart.com

Watch this

you took those pictures, didn't you?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I was the one in the tights dan.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I guess I just confirmed what d3d said.

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

congrats!! your shirts are hilarious

hogboy profile pic Alumni

ahahaha this rules! Congrats dude

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Props to the product photos this week. This is an amazing print.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I have another pending but it won't do nearly as well =P


As an avid reader, this shirt is one of my favorites. I got it for my boyfriend as a gift. It was hard for me to pretend I hated it so he wouldn't think I ordered it.

Congrats on a great design.


Mine has been shipped. Can't wait. Was so pleased to find out that an Aussie designed it :)

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hope your boyfriend likes it then anna, maybe you convinced him it sucks with your strong faking =P


Pft. Nah, he loves it.
He's also pumped that you talked about him.
Double-win for you.

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I think some fist pumping is in order... not a euthanism for masturbation though.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

erm... euphemism


hey there,

I just stumbled across this design and cant figure out what it means. im a native speaker and my dictonary wont help me!
neither does the thessaurus...lame!

please help, im desperate!



errr...of course its supposed to mean: "im NOT a native speaker".


Please, please, please reprint this tee, Threadless! I'm gunning for a medium girl size ...


I love this shirt design and really want it to be reprinted -- Girl XL. PLEASE!!


OMG i want this shirt to be reprinted SO BAD!
i've voted for it like 10000 times, not really but alot
i desperately want it! haha
please reprint!


I'm not a native speaker and I can't understand that..c ousl you please explain this to me? thank you!


I think this shirt needs a reprint-FAST. I want this so much. Its brilliant.


I get more comments on this t-shirt than any other I have ever owned. I even had a security guard at an airport (Melbourne, Australia I think) call out to me as I passed through the metal detector, "Love your t-shirt".

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