• by SoHereIAm
  • posted Apr 05, 2008

Watch this

i like this one alot better than the other, though the other was way rad, 5$ on this




not really feeling the back but am LOVING the execution on the front


WTF?? This is not cool. It's still a rip dude. How did Threadless let this thru after all the comments last time?


I feel stupid that I didn't immediately notice the face.


why why why

mrdavenport profile pic Alumni

umm, just cause you changed it a little doesnt mean that its not a straight up copy. 0


Okay, this is clearly just you reprinting the cover art for Every Extend Extra Extreme for the PSP. You get a zero, & I hope you get fined as well.


WTF? Threadless, do you even pay attention??? This douche needs to get a freaking clue. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$


seriously, you tell us to ignore the first and give us the second that is almost the exact same thing??? WTF?


Not only with the ripoff, but also, it still sucks.


i prefer the other one


this is quite funny to be honest


Personally i like the tee and was gunna give it a 5, but haveing checked out this psp "Every Extend Extra Extreme" you have literally lifted the design from them.
Cheeky bugger
you get a big fat zero


Dude. Plagarism? Not funny. After the last time I was willing to let it go and figured that maybe you just thought it was a cool design to put on a t-shirt... you didn't know. This kind of proves... well, to me it proves you didn't pay any attention to what folks said last time.

Eh, at the end of the day there would be legal ramifications to printing this. I'm just pissed that you're flippant... "quite funny"? Hrm.


Somewhere an artist is sitting down to create your next submission.

How sad.

And by the way...it isn't quite funny actually.

It is attention seeking, theft, and all around bad taste.


I'm rating it with what it deserves (a 5 because it's awesome) But that rating going to the artist who made it, I don't know if it's you or someone else. If it's not you.... well I believe everyone has said what needs to be said.


whoever made this up, I like it. To people being rude, it's really just a t-shirt. Get over it. Peace, all.

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whoever made this up, I like it. To people being rude, it's really just a t-shirt. Get over it. Peace, all.

it's not just a shirt, it's plagiarism, it's stealing, i'm sure you'll be pissed if it was your work, but since it's not yours, that makes it ok?

i find it quite stupid to defend a plagiarist


God you're an idiot, sohereiam. What possible reason could you have for resubmitting a blatantly plagiarised design, that you even admitted was plagiarised?

mlehaymes: it's not the t-shirt we're pissed off at, it's the fact that this guy has twice posted exactly the same stolen design. It's the theft, not the design, that has us fucked off.

But still, I don't see a lot of point going on about this further. There's no chance in hell Threadless would ever print this, even if it got a 4.55 or something, just because they're not that stupid.

/end rant


SHIT, that's cool.
Too bad it's a rip.
Nice try.


$10 syas hes just trolling everyone.
cuz I'm laughing my ass off


like it but i'd prefer just splashed line of color, not a face. But it's very eyecatching!


This shirt it super amazing cool!


I love this, $5. Maybe the colors that reach over the shoulder could go around the sleeve, too? it looks a little weird on the back to someone who is anal abuot that kind of thing, like me. I'd still wear it, though. I realize including the sleeve in the design is more difficult. Just an idea.


I hope you get fined for copyright infringement, dude. Yes, congrats on realizing this would be great on a shirt, but it's not your work, so, 0

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