Serious Business

  • by M0man
  • posted Apr 03, 2008

Art is serious business

Watch this

Art is serious business


thats gross


kinda makes me wanna use pen from now on


ummm yeah, not so great.


Art may be serious, but it doesn't have anything to do with anal sex.


Well, First off, They're not having anal sex, And secondly thanks for all your useless comments, Special mention to 'the golden spatula', 'Ginger_of_the_Future' and 'madenew' only one of whom has designs of their own.


I was told I should explain the joke because so many people don't seem to understand it, It was just a juxtaposition of the belief that art is a stand up serious business with the fact that animation is one long laugh riot. Ergo, Art is serious business, Unless you're drawing a pencil and an eraser having sex.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Just because people don't have designs, doesn not mean their comments are void. They are consumers who would potentially buy your design. Don't be a dick. That said, the concept is a total crapshoot and the art isn't strong enough to stand on it's own. Do more research.


i think its funny
made me laugh instantly but im english and not so scared by sexual jokes :D
good one
submit it


Bad idea + unimpressive design + shitty attitude = 0

Alpha Ryan

Ignoring the offensiveness, the style is fine. Cartoony is what you went for and you nailed it (thats what the pencil said). The blue thing on the eraser is gonna confuse some people, but it would be too bland without it.

To most people even if they don't go "ew, sex" they aren't gonna get your idea, especially without the title. I suggest you have paintings like the Mona Lisa on one side of the shirt looking disgusted and shocked at the sex. Include some nude paintings looking shocked as well for added irony.

As for your comment about this not being anal sex, either I need a class in pencil vagina location, or you do.


Gee... as an artist I love my pencil and eraser... I just had no idea they loved eachother!


I'm wondering what their child would look like.


you my mind pencils were always male and erasers female. (yes I give objects genders). Came too late to vote but you would've gotten a 5 from me for loyalty points. too bad some people didn't seem to get it.

- box

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