I shot the sheriff

But not the deputy. Six colors on brown.

Watch this

But not the deputy. Six colors on brown.


i'd say no blood required. cool concept.


I love the idea, but the placing of the colt is way too high. great idea though


move the colt more to the side


I voted 5 for this shirt.

Then I won a million dollars, and my cancer went away.

Thank you, belligerent.


Thanks for the feedback so far! I think the blood kind of makes it a little funnier because when wearing the shirt, not only are you the sheriff, but you are invincible sheriff because bullets don't seem to have any effect.

I agree that the gun is somewhat high. It can't go too close to the edge of the shirt, though, and that leather, uhm, thong, or whatever you call those, hangs down past the seam and shirt edge if it's placed lower. The leather thong (lace? string?) could probably be gotten rid of without too much trouble if the lower placement adds more to the design than it does.

Phearsum: just imagine what will happen if you were to wear the shirt.


I'm not sure how I managed to bold the entire bottom two paragraphs. I blame science.


I like it. Maybe more without the shots, but still good design.


I think it would be cooler without the blood.


WarDrobeInSpareOom: (cool username, btw!) Not the holster itself, that leather string that ties it together and stuff in back. I think if it didn't have that, the holster and gun could be moved farther down the shirt.

FRICKINAWESOME: I dunno, maybe you are a suicidal immortal zombie sheriff with existential crises tearing you apart? Or maybe "I" is the name of somebody else who happens to have shot a sheriff, and that sheriff happens to be you if you are wearing the shirt. Hmmmmm.


Take out the blood and it's awesome! And I agree, it'd be worth it to take off the string on the holster.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

i like this...


It's interesting how written feedback can be mostly positive on something, yet it can still turn out to have a pretty low score. Oh well. Back to the drawing board, I guess!

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