I'm on a Natural High

The BEST kind of high there is!

Watch this

The BEST kind of high there is!


oo lala!
very nice!
i'm thinking just put the clouds on the back though, instead of repeating the title,
but it is veryvery nice


Love the colours, but the reptition of the title seems a little unnecessary


I would like it on like
a bright shirt...im not
much for dark colors.
But i really really
like it! I would buy
this in a heartbeat


Just a little busy on the front, but I love it!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

I don't know about the text, but I sure like the rest of the design!


Ditto the above comment. I'd love it on white. Very Peter Max-ish.


feh, the design is ok, but the text is morally presumptuous. cause to qoute Tyler Durdent in Fight Club "oxygen gets you high." not to mention what is your definition of natural? cause last I checked Marijuana and other ellicit plants grow that way on thier own sounds natural to me and most the drugs out there consist of one naturally occuring compound or another. This is just more bloody propaganda at work. If you want to be "clean" good for you, but quit assuming the worst of those who don't follow your path.

Sorry, this is just a subject that drives me nuts and if I smacked some sense into one person than it was well worth it.


Oh this is nice! Not on white tho, i like it on black/grey like this.
Makes the colors look even more, err, colory xD
I agree with Lecoma, text on the back should go ^^


Like others have said, lose the words on the back.


black clouds take away from the peice imo


Calm down Maku-chan, it's just a shirt.


well i was thinking more along the lines of sugar highs and placebo at work but that was just bitter lol


i love it..best one ive seen so far


i think the dark background helps bring out the colours of the actual design.


Dude maku, no one's trying to force anything on you. If you want to be less pissed off, stop thinking of someone's art as an attack on you. Not liking it because of how you feel makes total sense, but here you're just barfing anger, not explaining it rationally.

I love the Peter Maxishness, as sunshine69 said, added to the '80s thing done well. Love the colors a LOT but agree it'd look better on white, or maybe light gray. The double text is unnecessary -- sorta makes it look like a product, not an idea -- but I'd still buy it.


Whatchu talkin' 'bout, the black clouds are great. this shirt pwns.


i second the comment above. 5$ print please


Uhmm, I wasn't taking it as an attack on me. Just that it's really not made clear what was meant, and I'm quite confused here I thought it was ok to state one's opinion on the shirt honestly as long as we are nice about it. I was not insulting just stating my opinion on a matter that is made light of, when I myself am not allowed the one thing that balances my moods and allows me not too suffer through my own psychological hell. It is propaganda over truth that is why, so by the time I got to the end I was a little rilled up and I do apologize for that.


i like the colours and the design. not sure on the text though.


i agree no text


lol i like it just the way it is 5$


I love the front 5$, would nix the back.


I would never be able to wear this with the text...for obvious reasons if you know me...but I think the design is really cool. I like the little hanging stars.


As much as I agree that the best high is the natural kind, there is no way I'd wear this. Aside from the pink and patterns, which i'm not that into when it comes to my shirts, I think the clouds and text on the back would get to me. If anything, I'd remove the back graphic. Toning down the shirt is totally up to you. A lot of people like loud designs. I'm just not one of them.


Loves it to death! "i'd buy it"


i like the amount of contrast it has, super flashy 5$


so much debate over this design but i like it


Um, I thin kthat writing the im on a natural high on teh back is a little bit too repetitive, but I like your way of contradicting, the thought of natural high, concidering that it looks as if it were in the sycadelic stage of LSD in the 60-70s so that impresses me.

P.s. I hope thats what you ment, if not, still very interesting. 4


5$$$$$$$$ print please


remove the title on the back and just leave the clouds and id buy it... send me the link when you are done so i can give you a 5 :)..


i love it.


I like the black behind the colors.
maybe no back.


thank you all:P i will definitly resubmit in the future


OMG! ive been looking for a BRIGHT COLORED SHIRT!
didnt get to vote, but this is a 5555555555$$$

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