The Clubhouse

  • by auderpops
  • posted Mar 28, 2008

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nice idea, dont like the typo but the rest is cool, maybe some speech bubbles would look cooler


Good idea, but do it like it had been drawn by a gang of kids...?


Show me the "no boys allowed" version and I'll forgive you. ;) $4


Thing is, I'd never take the time to read this on someone else's shirt.


For some reason I think this would look better as a tree house with a front and back and I like the above idea about it being drawn in a childlike fashion. Cool Idea


I really like that it is "professionally" drawn up, personally. It gives it a new spin, the hand-drawn kid's scrawl is how you would expect it and I like that it's different. But yeah, perhaps larger print so it's more obvious.


i love how the light bulb is one of those kinds with the string. those are the coolest kind. $5


the water balloon flinging window is da bomb. i wish i had a fort with such access. 5


i agree with framzillia...this shirt would be a lot more effective if it looked like something a kid drew up and if the text looked similar to a kids handwriting


one of my main concerns is that it takes too long to read. well, not really, except if i saw that t-shirt at a glance, i'd be spending the rest of the day to stop the person and stare at their chest.


I agree with the "make it look like a kid drew it" idears.

and the font = squik. x_x


too boxy


Great design, but very busy for a t-shirt.


I like the design but not all the text.


I think that your way of drawing it very professionaly, it nice but would be better if it was a kids scribbliy drawing of perhaps the front of the tree house, with arrows pointing to things, that were terriblely grammered.

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