• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

boy am i glad i came to thredless today! :) nice work!


new version available with almost everything working (compare to this morning monster-bug version).


I've developing one for the PC that mainly is for me to keep track of shirts I really want that might pop up with a few in the store. I use a mac at home but at work I've only got access to PCs so that's what I'm building with. So far it grabs the stock list and stores that data. More work when I actually get around to it.


zelig2: you can have a look at the source code inside the widget package if you want to re-use what've done.
A PC version should be available with Yahoo Widget as soon as this version becomes stable.


End of the day release: links are working, archive much lighter, everything seems alright, thanks for your feedback all :-p
I'm looking for your feature request, and i think it's time to move to next step: shopping cart! I don't know yet how to manage this, but if some of you have some idea how to send a POST request to threadless shopping cart, any help is nice help :)


You're true, I think i'm going to make a mini-widget with stockchart only, so it'll be a lot smaller than this huge box.


If you can make it so we can score subs from a widget you'd be my hero. Make it as small as possible as well.

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