Good Ol'Fashioned Fun

i thought this design and slogan went well together, and it was weird i made this t-shirt not even knowing about this promo and then i looked and it was a really weird coincidence... ya

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i thought this design and slogan went well together, and it was weird i made this t-shirt not even knowing about this promo and then i looked and it was a really weird coincidence... ya


i wish the ducks were different. . .


No need for the text.


NO TEXT!!! but otherwise i love it. haha personal joke, in half canadian and its a canadian goose!


I would totally buy it, without the text.


i think its way cute. especially if it were made for kids too.


I like the blue, and I agree that it doesn't need any text!


really? i thought the text was what made it, otherwise it jst be a shirt that has a duck a duck and a goose on it, and everyone would think like wtf its a duck a duck and a goose, it has no meaning why is that there? but with the text its like o ok ya that is old fashioned and fun.... i dunno


i fee llike you guys are just saying that cause you already know what the title is and what its for, but anyone on the street who sees it doesnt...... thats what i was thinking when i made it


I like the ducks the way they are. i think that the image hits you in the face. it really doesn't need to be explained. the text confused me at first in fact. i understood the shirt without the text.


5$ if you get rid of the text


I personally don't mind the text. I think it could go either way.


with out the txt it wouldnt mean as much i dont think, i completely agree with ginger of the future


with out the text it means something completely different


with out the txt it just means duck duck goose but with it, it brings up new meanings that its old fun its been around for many generations


but without the text, people are automatically reminded of the old fun that's been around for generations when they stop to think 'duck duck goose'. I agree with everyone else that the text isn't necessary.


if i pull it out of the runnings can i resubmit it?


I love it, but you should lose the text.


i like the blue and green. i like it with or without the text. its just a sweet design!


haha I like this,$5 Id buy the yellow one!


I agree with everyone who said no text! The art definitely stands on its own. Great idea.


Green or blue and no text. I'd definitely buy.


no text no text! It's nostalgic enough without.


Don't lose the text. It's not very good without the text.
I like the blue the best.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Are those birds about to have a threesome?


THANK YOU CHLOBERRY!!!! finally someone agrees with me .... i wasnt going to change it.... everyone here at my art school agrees with me it needs txt and no those birds arent about to have a threesum get your mind out of the gutter


well other people agreed with me but your the first to actually say that it wouldnt be as good!!!!

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A threesome can be good old fashioned fun.


haha it could be yes .... but no....


I reckon get rid of the text and don't get too hung up on the message,if people get it then great, if not then it just looks that so bad?...not a very art school comment i know...but the worlds shallow,go with aesthetics. Ace illustration though!!


You need to suck it up and lose the text. If a bajillion people have told you they love your shirt sans text, just accept that something was lost in translation from your brain to ours. I agree with everyone who has said that "Good ol' fashioned fun" confused them. It sure confused me. But I see some ducks and a goose and I go "hmm, what's taht? A duck, a duck, and a goose... OH! Hahahaha."

Seriously dude.


first of all ... wtf is with the attitude what have i done to you? second of all only like what 20 people out of the 1000 have said anything about that..... third of all no one can convince me to change shit unless i think its necessary .... forth of all with out the txt the shirt has a completely different meaning to it something i'm not willing to sacrifice... so take you attitude and shove it


personally i like the text, and wow that is some hostility! the text adds to the message of the game rather than a row of birds...


sweet see... i love the people who see it my way! thank you notoriousstar


thats exactly the reason why i dont want to take it out

the alps.

I like the idea, no need for the text. It's obvious. Duck Duck....wait who plays duck duck grey duck, cause minnesota does for some messed up reason.


I love it!!! Though no text. $5


I really like the text.


This is a classic case of "People are smarter than you think." If you drop the text the thought process will be...

What is this?
Three birds?
A Duck, a duck, and a goose?
Oh! Duck, duck, goose.

It's WAY better without text.


I like the text...maybe im slow but i didnt get the shirt until i read it then i was like OHH duck duck goose


I like the text. I looked at the ducks and the goose and thought country and read the text and thought of hill-billy fun. Then I thought of the birds having hill billy fun--and I laughed. Finally after all that I realized duck, duck, goose. Hahaha! Man I wouls love to wear this shirt with a nice pair of rain boats, or some camo pants (and I hate camo). This is a nice homestyle shirt, don't listen to those city clickers who simiply can't appreciate some good back country fun ;-)


lol i have no idea what you said but, thank you


yeah no text


Definitely lose the text, it's far funnier to go 'what's that?, duck goose...OH! ha ha ha.
Wouldn't wear it with the text, it's not funny, just twee.


i agree. get rid of the text because it takes away from the concept. would be a great kids tee.

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