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  • by jbyron
  • posted Mar 26, 2008

Watch this

i really like it :)


i love it, it so cool.


awesome! The shadow doesn't bother me at all- depends on where the sun is and what time of day.!!
5 , buy it, great color!


Poor Charlie Brown...


the heart actually took me a moment to figure out, so perhaps make that a little more apparent? other than that i like this concept.


very interesting... at first i thought the heart was an outline of cupid, which is also kind of fitting


something about the shadow being so straight bothers me.


i honestly thought it was a turkey cutout.. if you tilt yr head just a tad to the right.. no wonder it didn't make any sense to me


i think the heart is fine! but i don't like the colour of the shirt... i was thinking blue?


great design, but i agree, the heart is not apparent enough on first sight.

Lechery Lynn


exactly how it is.
everything is perfect.


k, i want it. 5


I really love the whole concept, but the white speckles take up a lot of space at the bottom. Maybe make them span only part of the front of the shirt instead go to the end of it. I love the shadow-cast though.


I didn't get that it was a heart, but once I did, I love love love this design.

pj harvey

the colors arnt taht nice


Mer, I don't like the misshapen heart. I don't want someone staring at my tee for 3 minutes before they decipher the graphic.


I don't like the heart either. Why not just have it be a ripped hole in the kite? What does having it be a heart add to the design? I think it detracts and makes it schmaltzy. Without the heart I'd totally give this otherwise great design a 4 or 5.

jbyron profile pic Alumni

Doyler, without the heart, it would just be a hole, there would be absolutely no concept, no meaning - way to think it through.
Not that non-concept pieces don't have their place - but this clearly isn't one.
Sorry everyone, knee-jerk critiques make me pissy.


I don't usually post a follow-up remark, because I respect that, in the end, the design is not mine. And I respect that anyone puts their work out there at all. So I hope you'll take this in the positive way that it is intended, because you certainly have every right to think I'm an idiot and disagree. So, first, I think this is a beautiful design. The fade of the snow adeptly creates a sense of depth and solitude. The long leg-shadows intensifies this effect while also subtly suggesting that the sun is setting, because you'd never have those shadows unless the sun was really low in the sky. Finally, the slumped shoulders, the slight lean forward, and the broken string on his shoe, all imply defeat--that is, the defeat that is the kite with a hole in it that can't fly anymore. It is poignant and beautiful and full of meaning. So, far from being a knee-jerk critique, what I was trying to say is that by adding the heart, it implies you don't believe in the strength of the image without it. And, indeed, your response strongly suggests that you don't think the image works without the addition of the heart to "explain" things. I just happen to disagree and think your design works much better, and is much stronger, without the heart.

jbyron profile pic Alumni

Well now you've just gone and made me feel like an ass.
I told you I was pissy.
However, I must stand behind my remark because I actually don't believe in the strength of the image without the heart. The "broken" heart IS the image - the message.
Regardless, thank you for your clarification (and taking the time to do so).



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