Hunter S. Thompson

This is one of my favorite Hunter S. Thompson quotes, it is from 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. It reads "There is nothing in the world more desperate and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge."

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Insomnia Design

This is one of my favorite Hunter S. Thompson quotes, it is from 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. It reads "There is nothing in the world more desperate and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge."


awesome! i'll definitely get this if it gets through


Love it, though you might have a problem with the copyright thing.


Yeah, there's probably copyright issues, but I love how you used Gonzo style!


love it. good luck! 5$


HUGE f&l fan. Love this. Definitely just check in with a copyright lawyer (any friends who do that?) to verify... something tells me you should be ok, but I'd be bummed if that held this design back. I love it.

Insomnia Design

To be completely honest I have no idea about the copyright technicalities, if anyone out there has any idea or knows anyone who might I would love to know if this would be good to go or not. Thanks for the help and thanks for the compliments.


sweet!! i just watched that m0vie again yesterday. I think the book is better though.
'We can't stop here! This is bat country!'


It's a true statement as well.


I love it....
ps. where's the owl tee???
5 for sho


Not very original... really and if that is your favorite line from the book then you obviously did not get the whole book at all. It would be good for a "Iron Fist " T shirt design though.


I cant believe they actually let you submit this.
Threadless has something against me I'm sure.
I submitted a t Shirt with a drawing of David Bowie on an they said "We don't flirt with pop culture references"
If Hunter S thompson isn't a pop culuture reference then I'll eat my t shirt.

Is very good though..


Dont get me wrong, Fear and Loathing is in my top five favorite books and movies of all time, and I'm bound to like anything referencing it.

But I agree with steffdoublef that this isn't the best line/quote you could have chosen (assuming using any line wont be a copyright issue), and in light of Thompson taking his own life with a shotgun, I'd say the gun wasn't the most tasteful object you could have included on the shirt.

The ink splats and type echo Steadman fairly well, but in terms of being a "Hunter S. Thompson" shirt, I'd say it needs some work

Insomnia Design

Actually I have read most of Hunter's books, and I admit this might not be the most encompassing quotefrom 'Fera and Loathing' this just happens to be one of my personal favorites. Secondly Hunter killed himself with a .357 revolver not a shotgun. I have nothing but respect and adoration for Hunter and his survivors I just wanted to create something which I felt grasped a moment from 'Fear and Loathing'. RIP Hunter and I apologize if this is offensive to anyone.


Placement is pretty good, maybe a tad more to the center? Great quote and well-presented. And echoing Steadman somewhat, I think, is better than directly implying him. I too wish you good luck.


it's no so much offensive as it is sad


and by sad, i don't mean boo hoo

i mean, this guy started a new type of journalism...he was nuts, he lived life fully...

and this is how you pay homage?

sad like that

Insomnia Design

haha wow shirtflirt sucks for you that you feel that way. to each his own i guess.


feel which way? why does it suck? and does it suck or is to each his own? you sound confused. same with this design.

have nothing but respect and adoration for Hunter and his survivors I just wanted to create something which I felt grasped a moment from 'Fear and Loathing'.

i understand that's where the quote comes from.
however, the respect and adoration you experience seems convuluted

Insomnia Design

omg it continues.... shirtflirt let it go buddy. if you do not think the shirt is something you would wear give it a zero, im cool with that. That is what the 'to each his own' reference implies, you can give it whatever rank you would like.

I am not confused about anything. I made this shirt to depict a scene/moment from Hunter S. Thompson's book 'fear and loathing'. I chose to use Ralph Steadman's Gonzo style of illustration to best illustrate and depict Hunter's quote. people pointed out that it might have been in bad taste due to the way Hunter ended his life. This is what I was apologizing for and the reason I explained my background.

Again dude, if you no like it then nix it, no worries. You don't need to go on and on like a Jr. College professor trying to get the last word in. If I appear convoluted or confused blame it on my five day binder. If it still is too much too handle then please post again about how I should properly honor the man.

Those who don't do, critique.


i love hunter s thompson and steadman, but don't feel as though this design represents either all that well. it is difficult to have something nice to say when, to get to the comments, i have to scroll through the artist arguing with the voters and being rude.


was it a revolver? my bad, i wasnt 100% sure. no offense taken, just wasn't sure how people would interpret the gun in light of his suicide. anyway, like I said, I like anything and everything "Fear and Loathing" or HST, so keep up the good work

Insomnia Design

hahaha wow. sorry guys not trying to be rude with that comment or anything I have said. I just wanted to put up some shirts for your entertainment. If you guys do not like them then please score accordingly, that is cool with me.

I appreciate everyone's input, especially shirtflirt's, so sorry if you guys thought I was being rude. I love your feedback, I just felt there was confusion, so thats why I went into the long explanation. I Thank you guys for taking the time to leave comments I appreciate them.

In the end no worries, I don't expect everyone to love my shirts. Thank you guys for your honest opinions, I appreciate them and look forward to more. Again I apologize if I have hurt anyones feelings and I thank you all for taking the time to comment on my shirt.

'Buy the ticket, take the ride. '

Insomnia Design

sorry again shirt flirt i just read through the comments and i was an ass. i promise to keep my mouth shut from here on on this one. sorry dude, thanks for your input, i appreciate it.


Beyond cool, 'nuff said. I'll take 4.


yeah i mean i was critiquing, very rarely do i, and no, i don't design, you're right. it wasn't a personal attack or anything

and i'm not any kind of professor either.


the upclose view had me thinking there was some long
drips that ended in the word-filled splatter, but when
I saw the overall picture I was pleasantly surprised
that the "drips" ended up being the barrel to a gun.
( By the way I'm not familiar with Hunter S. Thompson
or what the message of Fear and Loathing is - if there
is a message - I've only seen some of it )

Since most people will not experience the design like I did
(upclose first and then overall) maybe have the gun
on the back side with the barrel flowing over the shoulder
so the end of the barrel is where it is now. That way viewers
will see the barrel as drips and then have the "Aha!" moment
when they see the rest of the gun on the back. I think that
would also parallel the pervasiveness of things being
warped (visually and the characters' perspective) from
the movie.

- - - - - - - - - -
just finished reading some of the page
about Hunter S. Thompson

I can see how some could see this design as offensive
since it could be interpreted as using Thompson's
words against himself as if his life was one huge
ether binge ended by his trigger-pulled suicide.

This would work better as a piece of art on a wall or
in a book instead of a t-shirt design if it is making
some kind of statement to highlight Thompson's
desperation and irresponsibility. If it's not aimed
at Thompson, then it seems to be a decent message
against substance abuse. Can it do both? I guess it
can (even if it wasn't designed to do so) , but I wouldn't
feel comfortable wearing it in light of the potential
of others thinking I'm jabbing Thompson. And I'm not
saying his lifestyle doesn't deserve being jabbed - I'm
saying I don't think t-shirts are the best medium for it.

Insomnia Design,
Though you were motivated by wanting to entertain
and wanting to highlight one of your favorite lines
from Thompson it appears it's hard for viewers to
draw the same feelings you have for it. I hope this
doesn't discourage you from bringing more to Threadless.
Your design made me do some research and some
serious thinking. That's what quality art does - it makes
us think and motivates us to dwell on important issues.
Thanks for the motivation.

- - - -
(And just because someone doesn't design doesn't mean their
thoughts have any less weight than a designer's. You're
designing for the whole Threadless community - not just designers)


I haven't actually read the book OR seen the movie, which is terrible of me (didn't even realise there was a book! but I'll get on to seeing the movie...ahh, Johnny Depp). Anyway, regarding the fact that the author (?) killed himself with a gun... regardless of what type of gun it was, most people won't be perceptive enough to notice the different types.

I say that as a non-American, maybe gun-toting Americans can tell the different guns by sight. :)

Insomnia Design

Thank you guys,
shirtflirt sorry again man, I had bad day yesterday and I took it out on you guys for some reason. I swear I am usually iron skinned about criticism and I love input from everyone. So please forgive me and know I love your feedback.
Keep on Rocking


did you see what GOD just did to us?


As Danny Vinyard says in American History X "So I guess this is where I tell you what I learned - my conclusion, right? Well, my conclusion is: Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it. Derek says it's always good to end a paper with a quote. He says someone else has already said it best. So if you can't top it, steal from them and go out strong. So I picked a guy I thought you'd like." I love the movie, the book, the quote and the shirt. I'll be waiting to find out when I can wear it out in the streets of Las Vegas!


we should have a talk about the nature of conclusions


You probably need to give it credit on the shirt? Not sure, but I do like it, I'm a sucker for quotes.


Art, yes, yes, YES! But I'm a huge fan of people submitting there own genius. And the splat looks as though it should be more to the right.


HAHA Hunter rocks! sometimes so do i. or maybe not.. anyways i give it $5. hope it gets printed.

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