noble hummingbird

  • by artulo
  • posted Mar 22, 2008

Watch this

Interesting design, but I would prefer it to actually be smaller than the whole shirt- I think it would look much cuter!


First threadless submission - way too much detail to be seen than the 600px comp...large version link below, please look!

@ thetigress - thanks for your comment! Smaller is a possiblity, but I would have to take out detail.

Go Large!


I love the fact that it is as big as this. Don't like it when they become too small, on black definetly.


agreed, make it not cover the entire shirt. but it doesn't have to be that much smaller


it needs to be a little bit smaller I agree :), other than that, i like it :)


Thanks so much for the comments, it can be made smaller if it more suits a print, since it's all vector art.


Love it if smaller, say, 8" square on the chest


I agree that it should be smaller.

Alabaster Sweeny Totushek

I would actually prefer wearing it if it was not smaller. Partly because of the detail of the design, but mostly because it would lose some of its majestic character if it was boxed in by a traditional t-shirt border.


Thanks for the comments and scores everyone! I think it'd be really cool as a wraparound design if it would work at all.


I like it big - kinda a juxtaposition cause hummingbirds are the smallest birds. Colorwise, I like the contrast of it on white, but lots of people don't like white tees (I tend to agree) - maybe a light green, pink or lavender? Or something completely different like a maroon? Really beautiful design.


Awesome comments everyone, keep them coming! The above is on silver grey, which is not quite white. I'll agree on the white tee argument - but some designs do go well on them. Light pink looks great for an option, too!


i think smaller, and it needs some background context. i do like it though


Yeah, white does work for contrast - I think it's the negative association with "undershirt" and the staining probs. In this case though, I think I would go for white over silver which just wouldn't pop as much - it sometimes tends to look dingy. Would dig the light pink. :)


i think it would look great on the same color as the baby blue background.


wow! love all those details!


HaHa! I don't know why, but this is really funny to me. Nice job!


the details are awesome! And I love it on the darker blue.



Hey, thanks everyone for all the great comments - there's a lot of detail in there as you noticed! Making the print smaller would lose that.

As mentioned before, light pink could be a shirt option.

Thanks again!!! Feel pretty good about this first sub.

Roxy Feet

aw little birdie conquistador


Love the detail. Very nice!



Awesome. Beautiful execution. I love that it is huge and I love that slight color clash with the background. I would buy it on that color tee.


its great that its sort of in royal colours, it might look good also just as plain black and white print on a white t shirt because of the textures and detail work


Thanks everyone for the comments and for scoring!

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