ok;personally I think this is ugly flocked print or not.
And in AP us history we were looking at prpaganda posters and the fists look like one that was made during WWII.

Watch this
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AP US History kicked my ass


I really don't understand these kind of blogs. I mean, it's a product; you show your distaste for it by not buying. You should go into Walmart, walk up to the customer service desk,and tell them you don't like Heinz ketchup.

Neon Samurai

Yeah, I love it. Gets commented on every time I wear it.


I love WW II propaganda posters. I have two books that are nothing but axis/allies posters.


Yer face is ugly. This shirt rocks.


I m about to order this.


i got it as a thriftee. it's one of my faves now.

mmm ... flocked print


I sat in the front row of AP History at 8am and promptly fell asleep almost every day. Needless to say I didn't do that great.


... and this shirt is pretty damn ugly :-\ gotta say it


I sit in the fron t row and I have it zero, 7 am. ugh
and im sorry I just like for everyone to know my business. HAHAHA. why else do they have these blogs?


wow. i just checked that link, and yeah, definitely a rip-off. i already bought the shirt as a thriftee, and i still love it, but the plot thickens... ah well. it's not like i'm gonna burn the shirt or anything.

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