Mustache Guide

  • by The Bone
  • posted Mar 21, 2008

Mustache Guide

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The Bone

Mustache Guide

snow day.

Nice concept- but what about the hitler mustache?


Simple, yet effective :D


It's fancy. I would wear the heck out of it. $5


This has been done before, I believe.

As design concept I feel its very left heavy. All the thin and solid mustaches are on the right, it would look better in my opinion if they were interspersed with the rest.


I agree with lissurlalunes that it is a little left heavy. But, I like the overall idea. It would be funny if there was a finger-stache.


This is too similar to the facial hair tee Threadless has (or had)


woops posted this twice! didn,t mean to. I thought it hadn't work the first time.

happy tofu

walrus has only one s.


Yea walrus is one s. I love this and would definitely wear it but if you add a "hitler mustache" you will ruin it and it would be terrible. There is nothing funny about that, at all.


Hitler and Charlie Chaplin have the same mustache... So technically the "Hitler mustache" is already on there.


i think it's time to reprint facial hair club, this is the second sub i've seen like this this week ...

although i wouldn't mine sporting a tee with "the selleck"


the chaplin is a bit too hitlery for me


L.T...who cares. One can never have too many mustachio tees.

I'd buy this for Switchfoot.

Leona Beth

yes i've seen this twice before on threadless


When considering how to rate this design, I had to ask myself "does the world really need yet another moustache/facial-hair related novelty tee?

And of course, the answer is "yes". Emphatically so.

That is all.


i do like this... but my heart has already been stolen by facial hair club and it very much needs to be reprinted


Very nice- maybe also print on white?


PLAGIARISM. This shirt was at hot topic, and was way better.

Park~Life Empire

thais had been dne many times b4 b original

auntie nick

Archie Mcphee sells two types of mustaches. The all purpose styles & the real thin weasle type. That's where everyone has seen them. Still, this design is pretty cool.


lol: 'the chaplin is a bit too hitlery for me'! Please suggest how this could be avoided...


I was just going to say, what about the hitler? I think he's got one of the most recognizable stashes around. In real life the only person I like with a stash is selleck and I don't think the one you got really looks like his. It kind of ruined it for me.


lol ... love it!


I'm pretty sure Hitler grew his mustache like that because he liked Chaplin so much... I think. I'm fairly sure. Anyways, I think it's a cool idea, although I think a different font for the small letters would be cooler.


I don't like the title font but I love The Selleck!


Need a Hitler mustache!! Chaplin had his mustache when he was spoofing Hitler.


been done. a lot.

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