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ABSOLUTE. GENIUS. Though, to be fair, I adore obscure literary references. I hope it's not too obscure - please print this one!!!


print this.. amizing, beauty, genial..


awesome concept! i think that design/drawing itself could be cleaned up a bit and be made to look more realistic. but srsly good work!


It's not obscure at all :)


Each bowl should have "Cerberus". It would read quicker and be more effective. The point is that Cerberus had three heads, not that each head had a different name.


i like what you did with this, but i love satans little helper just a little bit more.


sorry to be the only one not to get the reference but...what?


I love Cerberus and I still don't like the shirt. Way too simple and, well, unartistic. Could the font at least not look like something from a shirt I can get at Spencer's? Why are all the lines and curves so incredibly uniform?


I agree with Pixtoons. Each bowl should have the Beast's name on it.
I do enjoy the reference.


i think it's a great idea but it needs something more..the shirt looks a little plain.


looks down a Satan's Little Helper tee she decided to wear today
I adore references to mythology, but hate to say it - I've already got the t-shirt.


Already been done, and I feel it was done better that time.


Lollerskates, and to you likeOMFGitsJONNY - if you dont know literature then you go to Harry potter, the giant guard dog there is a copycat thing of to same Cerberus this image makes a reference too the gate guardian of hell.


I like it for it's simplicity, I think I like it almost better with just the dishes.

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Cute reference, but yeah, the mighty Satan's Little Helper kind of seals the deal for hell dog related tees on Threadless since it's been printed and very few shirts are better in the history of designs on chest fabric.


I like it.... keep the name split over the bowls.... having Cerberus on all 3 bowls would bring people saying omg, copy paste waaaaaaa!....
Splitting the word makes it a little more of a thinker.
Oh, my view is the bone needs some work.... it looks a little odd.


love it!


"isn't is awfully similar to Satan's Little Helper by Olly Moss and Ross Zietz?"

no, not at all actually.

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