Server Issues, Apologies, Coupons! ... and the sale's extended until Wednesday!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Mar 20, 2008

Hi Everyone!

Earlier this week, during your most crucial purchasing moments of our Spring Cleaning sale, we experienced some serious down-time. The frustration that many of you experienced while trying to make purchases is unacceptable and we promise to never ever let this happen again forever ever.

To allow you to make the most of the sale, our friends at Rackspace (the folks that host Threadless) are sponsoring five thousand $5 coupons on orders of $50 or more. The first five thousand people to use the coupon code 'spring08' during the Spring Cleaning sale will receive $5 off their order on top of the already discounted sale price. Time to go on a shopping spree!!!!

In addition to the $5 coupons and to make up for lost time, we are extending the Spring Cleaning sale until 11:59:59 CST on Wednesday, March 26th, 2008! The new shirts to be released on Monday will also be on sale!

If you are interested in all the geeky details of what went wrong, please join Harper Reed, our CTO, in a live discussion of your questions and concerns. To chat with Harper please visit Harper will be available to answer your questions from 12pm to 3pm CST on Monday, March 24th, 2008.

Again, we apologize for the unreliable shopping experience and hope that you enjoy the rest of the sale!

Jake Nickell
Founder, CEO

Watch this

nice, except I already ordered... maybe I'll order again on monday!

aled profile pic Alumni

You guys are so nice. Not like them other nasty corporations.


yeah, they only give us scrap cardboard and old lemon drops.


wow, yes.
i already ordered 3 times,
but i will definitely order again monday,
well, if prehistoric freak is reprinted.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni



haha craziness. thanks threadless.


sweetness! you guys are numbahh one!!

i carnt spel

i cant wait to get my shirst!!!


oh, i forgot to say i



that was supposed to say i love you threadless.


oh man. i'm so tempted to place yet another order now. and i don't know if i should wait til monday for the new prints, because i'm afraid the 5000 coupons will be gone by then.


thanks for continuing to be awesome threadless!!


So nice of you :)

Though I can't use those coupons cause orders over 36$ will land my package in customs, I'm happy about the extended sale. And even with the new shirts, yay!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

oh threadless you always know how to treat a lady

Edword profile pic Alumni

man you guyz rawk!


Oh, I will have to order again. I want more shirts. =D

Little Apple Girl

I don't know it it's working for me or not. It goes through but doesn't show up as $0.00. I am using my street team points too, so I am worried about having them wiped out again if something is wrong and the coupon isn't working for me and have to cancel.

Little Apple Girl

And now, I don't even get the
*coupon code $0.00


repwwwinint prehistoric freak or sean combs mightttt frickk out


yeah, i put in the coupon code and the coupon line sez:

Coupon Code: 'spring08' Thank You! Coupon = -$0.00



sheesh did they go through 5000 of them already or what? :\


yep, coupon doesn't work, which is stupid given i only got the e-mail 15 minutes ago...


yeah, i just tried the coupon and it didn't work either. it said it was worth "$0.00".

snaggle tooth

Chat with Harper Reed, our CTO, about what went wrong during our Spring Cleaning sale.



SALE EXTENSION!!!!!!! Also thanks Threadless.


How did I miss this?

I just placed my order 2 hours ago! Fuck!


Oh shit nvm, I guess they're already gone. Yay?

skaw profile pic Staff

The coupons are not gone yet - make sure you are using the coupon on an order of $50 or more to obtain the discount.



snaggle tooth

i'm sure most people will just chat with harper, since explanations were given in the blog... seems silly...

so harper, what went wrong?


This is kind of frustrating to me since I already placed two orders both of which were well over $50 this week. I'd cancel them and place them again but many of the shirts are now out of stock in the sizes I ordered...

Can anything be done for your loyal customers who already dropped big bucks this week?


^ Yeah, sucks to be early. I just bought 17 shirts last week :(


Also, it's now about 6:30am here on the East Coast and the sale is still a-happening...

Little Apple Girl

Can someone give me back my STPs that were victims of the orders that didn't make it? It wasn't a fortune or anything, but I'm poor and could use some beer money. Gracias.

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