Your very own Boxboy

  • by janbaude
  • posted Mar 20, 2008

easy to make, just follow the instructions..

Watch this

easy to make, just follow the instructions..


aw box boy looks sad
and i'm not a big fan of any of the colours


I like it.
I like how it makes me think about how we try to construct ourselves by ourselves, but are always limited in an unspoken guideline that people before us have drawn out.

We play the game ourselves but rules are set by others.
- this would sum up my feelings.

I have other thoughts on this design, but I don't want to start an essay on here. But one more thing, I like the recyclable symbol and the "fragile" sign.

Cute design, thumbs up!


I like how it makes me think of every 3 year old who's more interested in the boxes their birthday present has come in... and how it reminds me of playing with my cat who was a demon for playing with any spare piece of cardboard lying around, and I like how it makes me think of little kids building a cubby house from the enourmous boxes refridgerators used to come in.... I likes it, I likes it a lot.


great! arrange the two elements the way you have it on the enlarged detail instead of side by side and it's a keeper.


i like boxes.....and your design too


It makes me feel a bit sooky.. i like it though


i love it... if only the shadow was a wee different. The shadows seem to box 'em in and my eyes tend to gravitate first to the holes rather than to the image. The image is awesome though :D


How does the design placement work with regards to chests?


what you you mean?


aw, you should put the fragile sign over the heart!



i think it would be cool with a lower placement.
like really low, towards the bottom of the shirt.


^ agreed!

This is delightfully cute! I'd buy it!! $5


Anything with robots = $5 from me.


Amazing design! I love the placement in the enlarged design!

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