Order #3

Hm. Well. Order number three. I had ordered Utility, It's Always Midnight Somewhere, and Aesthetic Truculency tshirts for myself (Guy's Large). Also Polar Gardening for my brother (Guy's Small).
I realized that Caged was reprinted/in stock, plus in black, so I flipped out, cancled my order, and reordered it all, including Caged.

Shirts I own as of now;

Upso (colors glow ALOT under UV light, it's quite pretty.)

Threadless (XL Hoodie)

Watch Your Back (I get alot of positive reaction for this one.)

The Communist Party

Bone Idol (I LOVE this one.)

Beelzebub (wearing it right now.)


Pandamonium (Heather Grey reprint)

Satan's Little Helper (XL Hoodie)

Monkey Attack (people tell me it's a monkey with a spraypaint can, but I like to believe it's simply a fireball.)

What If They Fought? (me and Xio [my Threadless buddy] both have this, but she has girl's, so they're different colors.)

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