Peons Take Cover... the Blamestorm's Brewin'

A day in the life of corporate America.

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A day in the life of corporate America.


I don't think the thumbs should be sticking out... it looks less like "pointing the finger" than that irritating "A-OK" gun-shooting gesture.


I agree, index finger only and this isn't too shabby :]


$5... taking cover as we speak!


yeah index finger only and no text


I drew the hand that way because that is what my hand looks like when I point the finger. I never considered that other people do it with the thumb down until it was pointed out in this forum. OOPS! Different strokes I guess.

The text on the comp image is only to call out the title, the actual shirt would have no text, just the graphic.

Thanks for voting/commenting, earthlings!

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