Francis Drake

Shirt depicting Sir Francis Drake a famous English privateer. The Spanish knew him as a pirate and they gave him the nickname 'El Drague' The Dragon.

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Insomnia Design

Shirt depicting Sir Francis Drake a famous English privateer. The Spanish knew him as a pirate and they gave him the nickname 'El Drague' The Dragon.


haha ts odd to see a big illistration on the back of a shrit
but i like it


unique with the large design. i like the wrap around, you don't need to know who Francis drake was to want to BUY this shirt! definitely 5!

Insomnia Design

The pattern can be printed on any color shirt, either in black or a darker shade of the shirt's color.


Sweet. Sweeter if his coat of arms was on the front... 5 still.

Insomnia Design

I like your style Keter, going to do me some investigating.


Yes! Print as is. I love it!


Wow! I love this shirt! Print them soon because I want one!!!


omg. I'd totally buy this. xD Might be because I'm related... but also because it are AWESOME.

wonderful job


i really, really love this.

why on the back?

(but i still love this.)


Huh, it's a bit young-men's-section-at-Target... I love the typeface though. The placement is great.


Stunning, simply stunning $5


5 - but only if it's on the front!


i absolutely love the typeface used, and the placement on the side of the shirt. id buy this in a heartbeat!

Insomnia Design

thank you guys for all the love. I will have more shirts up soon.


this shirt is dope. want to get a pic of the back of someone wearing this looking out over mountain ranges or the ocean.


Love the fact that it is on the back. Totally sweet!


love the shirt, fronts a little bare, but awesome as is


it needs something on the front


I like this, but agree that it needs something on the front for balance. Good work though!

Insomnia Design

I found Drake's coat of arms and I think it would balance out the front of the shirt nicely on the left breast pocket area. I will investigate to see if I can modify this submission or what I will need to do.


idolizing a slave trader? i couldnt do it.


I like the coat of arms idea as well. but even without it, $5.

Sir Ketan Braxton

Oh my gosh, my family is traced back to him!
That’s awesome! I have to have it.

nasmo profile pic Alumni

Very nice design, but the Spanish word for dragon is actually "dragón." "El drague" means "he dredges."

Insomnia Design

I know nasmo, the drague spelling is the spelling that was used for his nickname. Here background for those unfamiliar, sorry if it is too long.

'There was no greater thorn in the side of the Spanish than Francis Drake. They called him “El Drague” or “The Dragon” and considered him no better than a pirate and with good reason. As a talented sea captain and navigator, he attacked their fleets and took their ships and treasure. He raided their settlements in America and played a major role in the defeat of the greatest fleet ever assembled, the “Spanish Armada.” No other English seaman brought home more wealth or had a bigger impact on English history than Drake.'


I would really like this shirt if it were reversed. I know having the large design maybe too conventional, but this design looks disorganized otherwise.


Drake and Slave Trading : from wikopedia:
The Englishmen sold their African captives into slavery in Spanish plantations. These activities (which he continued) undermine the tendency to view Drake as simply an English 'hero'. In general, the kidnap and forced transportation of people was considered to be a criminal offence under English law at the time, although legal protection did not necessarily extend to foreigners, non-Protestants or criminals. Hawkins' own account of his actions (in which Drake took part) cites two sources for their victims. One was military attacks on African towns and villages (with the assistance of rival African warlords). The other was piracy against Portuguese slave ships. Britain's slave trade later came to be regarded as a terrible stain on the moral history of the nation, and Drake's role in laying the technical, legal and political foundations for the slave trade cannot be overlooked.


Why do people quote Wikipedia? Do they not know it's mostly made up?


i'm giving it a 5 as-is, but i too like Keter's suggestion


mustaches and tights are SO in. Fiver.

Kibi KIbi

Your design is cool! Really JackDaniels....


555... for sure.... I'm looking for the owl tee

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