The Best Indie Coffee

Hey all, long time-y no talk-y!

Anywho, I'm working on a project and it involves photographing the best independent coffee shops/cafes in any/all of the 50 states.

I figured that you guys could help me out, considering you're all spread out over the US (and other countries.. but right now I'm only working in the US) and most likely are fueled by coffee/tea/nice comfy coffee shops with free wi-fi and ample electrical outlets.

SO.. what's your fave indie coffee shop in ANY of the 50 united states? Which coffee shop or cafe made/makes you feel so comfy and warm and fuzzy and welcomed that you'll go back there next time you're around?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Watch this

There's only one or two coffee shops in DE that aren't chains.


and when yous it ont he couches, the cushions release the smell of like 4900000000 farts.


I live by this place called Biggby's (formerly Beaner's). They're kind of independent but expanding. I think they have like 200 stores now. Google it. The hazelnut coffee is amazing.


I love my farts in multiples of 7


Interzone in Corvallis, Oregon. They're right off campus, have a totally diverse crowd in terms of age, style etc. WiFi and at night have free music shows.


I will be right across the street from here tomorrow. I could get you a picture. Interior, exterior, whatever.


But seriously, there's this one that's a few miles away called Fah Soh Latte, it's pretty decent.


WOW! thanks for the comments so far!

i don't need pictures of any of the places right now, i have to research them first.. then i'll be taking and compiling photos of the best ones myself.



hmm... There aren't many in Minnesota, just Starbucks and Caribou Coffee...

I'm always on the lookout for independant ones.


Is indie coffee anything like indie clothing style?


i have never been to interzone, but i think i know where that is.. is it on monroe?


In Denton, Tx there's a place called Jupiter House
it's open 24 hours and they have local/student art all over the walls and good coffee



There's a coffee place where I live, but I've never been there because it looks like a drug cartel front run by a bunch or grimy-looking Albanians.

Malcolm Man

Nor Cal is a Mecca for independent coffee roasters.

Check out Humboldt Bay Roasters.

mad cat

Loneyville Cafe
Widsor Terrace Brooklyn
Check it out here
and here


Sir Minimus, yea it's on Monroe in a pinkish building.

I moved to California for school but I miss Corvallis!! :(((((


i live in southern oregon, but i go to corvallis as often as i can. i love it there.


haha, I HATE coffee.. dont drink it eva :P

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