How do you score?

So, everyone on threadless has their little "soandso has scored this many submissions, giving an average score of this." And I notice that compared to the rest of the population, my average score is significantly higher.

And I wonder... Am I scoring the best way I can? Am i just too nice? Is it my youth? Do other more stringent scorers think I'm a loser? Oh Goood!

When i hit the designs for a round of scoring, my thought process usually goes like this...

Okay, toughness, 0 for what i don't want, 5$ for what I do... Oh wait... I wouldn't wear that, but it's kinda nice... 4... I would so wear that, but it's not that great of design... 3$.

Yeah. I try to be tough and go "yes or no" but then i end up scoring all crazily, with "maybe"s and "what-if"s and "well, okay"s. I find myself scoring designs for their quality as designs, and not really "Do i want this on a shirt or not?"

So... how do you score, my fellow threadlessians? I'm curious.

Watch this

you dont score, until you SCORE!

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the way I think scores should go

number scores should be based on the artwork
$ if you would wear it.

so if its an ok design and you would wear it, you can give it a $3

terrific design but you wouldnt, then just a 5



I score designs according to whether I think it's good artwork for a tshirt. I quit giving 0s and 1s a while ago; it seems too mean, so now if I can't give it at least a 2, I just skip without scoring.


5 = I'd most likely buy that, awesome
4 = nice, I'd consider buying that, still great design
3 = okay design
2 = nothing special, but not exactly bad
1 = well ... I don't like it
0 = especially gruesome designs

I (almost) only give $s to 5's and 4's.


I only score the designs that I really like. Therefore I only give 4's and 5's. Sort of like good ol' Thumper said: "If you don't have anything nice to say..."


I score everything and anything.

If it sucks it gets a zero, because if people don't score the bad ones low then they will get higher scores than they deserve.

If I don't really want it on my body but I know that lots of other people would or the art work is awesome then I'll give it a $4 or even a $5 if I'm feeling generous.

I'll put dollars on 3's as well sometimes if I think it merits it.

Other than that it's just my first gut instinct and I'll run with it. Although I have been know to click the back button and then alter my score.

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