Sue !!

i like ma drawing...hope you like it too..

it can be printed on light pink, white and purple... =]

Watch this
Mrs. Fouad

i like ma drawing...hope you like it too..
it can be printed on light pink, white and purple... =]

walmazan profile pic Alumni

very nice, I lOVE IT! $5

Jessica L

do the lines wrap around? do they just end?


btw, the threadless community hates it when you post your link on other submissions pages.

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

i really thinks this is one delicate work. Fine lines and great control. I like the color scheme. Great Work


stop spamming it's not cool


nice :)


stop spamming!


You really need to stop putting your link on other designs.


great design
please print

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

"btw, the threadless community hates it when you post your link on other submissions pages."

you are killing your chances of getting printed by whoring your design, let your artwork speak for itself


Whoa, that's weird... it just sucked my comment. Anyway, what I meant to say previously was that you get a 0 from me, just based on your spamming. That's really, really frigging annoying.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

not a problem, post a blog, get to know the kids around this place, you would be amazed at how far getting to know the community goes, after all they are your clients... design for them

Mrs. Fouad

i am badly sorry about that "link" was all by accident..i just didn't know how to communicate with you all people... :S
thanks ALOT "Ellsswhere" were the most helpful person around...all people around here were so cruel...


Hey Mrs.Fouad, yeah, spamming is annoying, but you didn't know. Now you do! :) I think people just get really annoyed because it happens sooo often. I am enjoying your style, and hope you keep subbing!


whooo, it's frickin' awesome. 5$

Mrs. Fouad

thanks alot "lordog"...i was really shocked by the people's harsh response to me...but at least i noticed what i was doing was not the right thing and was that annoying...sorry guyz :S


Wow, people are harsh. :P

Good luck with this design. I like the color scheme.

olie! profile pic Alumni

I like the style you drew the girl in and the colors you chose, but I would take the circles off the girl's dress. Other than that it's cool!

JuliaBack profile pic Alumni

really cute ;)
and thanks for rating mine!


This is one of the poorest designs I have seen in a while. It's really boring and the girl just looks really tired or stoned. Not to mention the spam! Oooooh the spam it buuuuuurns so bad! Sure you can say you 'didn't know' but come on you left like a million ONE WORD comments on other people's designs and then put a link to yours. Just plain rude whether you knew or not.


regardless of whether or not you knew people at threadless hate spam, it's still rude to link no matter what site you're on. and posting one word comments or "hahahaha" is horrible. 0 for you.

not that big of a deal if this design fails from the spam, it wasn't going to be printed anyway. kinda boring and plain.

Mrs. Fouad

thank anyway for the criticism...some of the comments were really mean to me and others were so helpful..anyway,whether my design fails or not, it'd be a great experience to me..

and btw, about that "spam", i don't have to lie to you all and tell you nothing but the truth which is i really didn't know it as i found 2 people doing the same thing to my ithought it was the way you all deal toghether...anyway, thanks alot for you all for your mean words and for the nice words too...


I'm sorry for being one of the mean ones!

I know a lot of people just do the spam thing all the time deliberately, knowing it's annoying, which is why it pisses me off. I still think it's a rude practice, but if it was an honest mistake, and other people had done that to you (the bastards!) then that's fair enough - you just didn't know. Maybe you should go leave angry comments on their designs now. ;)

Anyway, I've noticed you haven't left any other links about your new design, which to me shows that it was a genuine mistake, so again - I'm sorry for being one of the mean ones!

Mrs. Fouad

never mind "phyntosia"...i noticed it was really annoying through ur comments...
i must b greatful 2 ya cuz ya were one of the people who made me understand how's life going here in threadless...
as i was sooooooo delighted about your cute comment on ma other design...i really, really appreciate it... =)

about other people who did spam me's too late to make angry comments about their designs...i'd just let go of the whole thing =)


Giev her a break man; she made a mistake and was honest. I liked the design anway

Mrs. Fouad

thanks alot "sassquash"...its from the best comments i've recieved...thank ya soooo much =]

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