Nuclear Graffiti


Watch this

simple yet effective


love the idea, but the nuclear coult be drawn better, so just 4


Does this remind anyone else of the Blue Man Group?!
4 just for that reason!

Upper West

Ive never been to any of their concerts but yeah Ive heard they put paint on their drum heads and it splatters everyone in the first few rows.


$5 for blue man group, $4 for this shirt

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

If the nuclear stacks were in the gray color and boring texture of a realistic one, I feel that would contrast the amazingly abstract bursts of color the rest of the shirt is conveying. Nice work tho.


The stacks are cooling towers... the most dangerous thing that comes out of the top them is steam... they have them at any steam generating power stations - not just nuclear

The science lesson aside, I think its a cool design :)


i think you need the radioactive symbol thing on the towers to make sure people understand what it is.

Upper West

Yeah, I guess I was a little ignorant about the background of the design but I think a lot of people associate these "cooling towers" with nuclear power plants.


placement? this would work more to the side


^that didn't make any sense


I like the design but the message, if there is one, doesn't make much sense. Personally, i think the message you're trying to send is that nuclear waste is "painting" our skies like graffiti is ruining our walls? But many people, including me, consider graffiti to be beautiful art.

Upper West

Dont get me wrong, I love graffiti too, as long as it isnt stupid gang tags. Just dont read into the title too much because that wasnt really what I was trying to convey.


i think this is a really good idea, except the colors look REALLY bad you should use lilac and light blue or something. the colors make me wanna hurl. but if i was color blind, id buy it in a heart beat

Upper West

haha, thanks? I'll take that as a compliment.


I think anyone could do this, nice idea but maybe work a little more on it,


I really like that shirt. Except maybe you should put a nuclear power sign on the stacks. They just seem a little blank after all the color on the top.


love it, especially the colors


it's really pretty... ummmm



i think it looks amazing.


Shinra company? ^.^ That's what it reminded me of.


i agree with the radioactive symbols idea on the towers. it is obvious what they are, but i think they need a little somethin somethin else

Mix Tape

I agree that the towers should be placed to either side not dead center, but I have to disagree with the comment saying to choose different colors. I believe the neon blue and green work well with the idea that it's a radioactive explosion and they really pop against the black tee.

If you change it to lilac and light blue, I will vomit.


i think it's awesome.
towers to the side would be awesomer, but it's still awesome.


I like it, it would be good if the colours glowed in the dark though

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