Toddler Tee

  • by devrienie
  • posted Mar 10, 2008

Wow! Gorgeossssss $5!!

Watch this

Wow! Gorgeossssss $5!!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

did you just compliment yourself? haha

it's all kinds of cute but i'm really irked by the way some of their hair overlaps the other kids. i also wish there were less caucasians, just a bit less.

it would also be nice if the asians had eyeballs.


I absolutely ADORE it. $5


fine :)


you posted it :D it looks great $5 !


lol @ the poor wee top ginger.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

nice! 5

Jessica L

the concept is great, though the top right kid looks like a lion and a little farther down that column it looks like the blonde girl is growing another kid out her ponytail! i also agree that there are a few too many caucasians and that the asians should have eyeballs -- as is, they seem so stereotypically drawn as to possibly be construed as racist. otherwise, very cute!!!


i agree with ginetteginette--it would've been nicer if the asians have whites in their eyes in the design.


The execution is nice, but I agree with all the people who've said way too many Caucasians and the Asian kids kind of offend me.


I like it very much!


Yeah, I'd agree with giving the Asians eyeballs... I think there should be more dark-skinned people, plus there are so many different skin tones - black, almost black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark tan, regular tan, pasty white... I know you couldn't do all of those, and I'm not suggesting you do.

Just suggesting the Asians get eyeballs. :)


yes I can see your point with the eyeballs, I regret doing it now
but well... what's done is done, I just wished someone would've told me this while it was still on the critique page, I guess not a lot of people use it
thanks anyway for the comments :) :)


yeah. less caucasians. eyeballs on the asians.
& dude where are the hispanics? well , iguess some them could [pass] as, but i dunno :)
it's cute tho'


I'd make my kid wear this if I had one.


this reminds me of an art project i used to do with kids when i used to teach art...get one of those blue packing things they use in grocery stores for apples (similar to an egg carton but with bigger circles for the apples, they divide the stacks of apples...) and then have the kids use the formed circles (back side up) as a base to paint different faces with different skin tones, hair, expressions...

don't know why i'm sharing this:) cute design


love the faces, but there needs to be more variety in terms of race.

the boy with the pink beanie looks like a robber...LOL. a cute one though. :-)


i love it
why make such a big deal of the fact that all races should be represented?? it would look great on kids, you think they care whether or not all skintones of the world are on it? (which is impossible anyway, since you've only got 8 colours..)
i don't think it was supposed to be a political tee, just a tee with funny faces, and that's what i'd love to wear :)

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