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Watch this

I love this :) 5

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mary blair?

i like the girl, even though it is very influenced by mary blair (which is perfectly fine), but the rest of the image doesn't seem like it belongs in the same world. the trees nor the wolf work at all, they are really very boring looking compared to the red riding hood you drew, which makes the influence even the more obvious - or might even suggest that you traced an illustration of hers to create that character.

add some of that same whimsy to the other elements.


i'd love it more if it was smaller not over the whole shirt


I'd love this if the wolf was more integrated into the style of the design. It just looks like you didn't have enough time to draw the wolf as well as red riding hood. Great job on red riding hood though, and I am really liking the stylized trees.


the wolf needs to be better.

I Am Mevil

I cant decide if the wolf is cool & more evil because it looks real or less cool and evil because it does but otherwise i love it.


sweetness. I think the wolf is great, it looks dark and lurking in the shadows. If it was cartoony like riding hood it wouldnt look scary at all. Great Work!!


Yeah, I like the wolf the way it is. I think if it were too detailed,it would be visually distracting-- there'd be two major focal points, and it would make the overall design awkward.


the wolf needs to be integrated into the design a bit more, but keep it simple. good job.


cool, nice n simple n effective. Good stuff


beautifully simple. $5


the wolf needs to have a better position... it's kind of stiff and not as scary. just a little. overall great :)


I actually like the whole design. I think the contrast between the wolf and Red draws your eye to her, not the wolf, as it should. To change the wolf would change the overall focus of the piece, really. I also like how it's an all-over-the-shirt one. Her cuteness is wonderful, awesome job. $5!


I like this... but I would love it if the wolf were stalking and not so static. :(


great shirt, love the tall trees, this color is hard for many people to wear though

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